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Teen missing from Washington, car found abandoned FOUND

UPDATE: Gia Fuda was found in a ravine on Friday. She was rescued and taken to the hospital where she was joined by her family.

“She said she ran out of gas and just pulled over real quick and locked the door,” Kristin Fuda told CNN affiliate KOMO. “She was trying to find a bridge to go over in Skykomish but she was on the wrong side of the road. She thought she could hike up and find a bridge and, yeah, that didn’t work out.”

Original Story: Giovanna Fuda, 18, from Maple Valley, Washington has been missing since July 24, 2020. She left home in her silver 2008 Toyota Corolla. King County Sheriff Deputies said her car was found west of Stevens Pass on US Hwy 2 on Saturday by a DOT worker.on Saturday. Her purse and red sweatshirt was found inside the car. The car had run out of gas. The phone pinged where her car was found and now it is no longer pinging.

Authorities obtained a video showing Gia at a coffee shop east of Index on Friday and she was wearing the red sweatshirt, but the red sweatshirt was found in the car, so she is wearing a gray t-shirt..

Video capture of Gia inside the coffee shop
Video capture of Gia walking to her car from the coffee shop

Gia’s brother saw Gia leave, but she didn’t tell her family here she was going. She was also seen carrying items with her.

Gia’s father, Bob told KING 5 news that Gina was going to college in the fall and was involved in volleyball and her church group.

“She’s very independent,” said Gia’s father, Bob Fuda.

When Gia didn’t come home Friday night, they knew something wasn’t right. They do not know why Gia would be near Index, Washington.

Police hope that someone has a dash cam video showing Gia Fuda driving along US-2 through Stevens Pass on Friday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

“Many people and truck drivers have dash cameras. We want to get our hands on that video. We want to provide it to detectives so they can follow up on it, try to determine exactly where she went and maybe who picked her up or why they picked her up or what kind of car she got into or if she left on foot, if she went into the woods, whatever it might be,” King County Sgt. Ryan Abbott, told the media.

Or if you happened to see a woman alongside the road alone or saw her silver Toyota Corolla on the side of the road alone or with someone else, or even if you saw a car pulled over near the Toyota.

Where Gia’s car ended up is over an hour away from her home

If you have any footage of the area during that time or spotted her, you’re asked to call the King County Sheriff’s non-emergency number at (206) 296-3311.

Gia is 5’4”, with long brown hair, brown eyes, and weighs approximately 165 pounds.

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