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Jamie Harper missing from Harelton, Texas FOUND

UPDATE: Jamie Harper’s car was found and their was a body inside. The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office says the car seemed to be in an accident.

“For the last couple of months, we’ve been trying to find a missing person. We’ve run down a countless number of leads, the man-hours, day and night. Longview dive team, Shreveport cadaver dogs, Texas game wardens, homeland security, the Tyler FBI.” said Harrison County Sheriff’s Office chief deputy Brandon Fletcher.

The car left the roadway and it could not be seen from the road. It appears to have been there for two months.

Original Story: Jamie Harper, 36, went missing from Tyler, Texas on June 17, 2020. Her car was seen by witnesses at a home on FM road 450 in Harleton, Texas. She was last seen driving a white 2007 Volvo hatchback on Baker Road in Harleton, headed to the intersection of 154 and 2208.

Her mom, Renee said, We don’t know if she turned left or right or went straight.”

So, I reached out to the admin of the page to ask some questions as there was not much info, and for a more recent photo. One of the questions I asked was if the police had pinged Jamie’s phone. But, my question was deleted. So, I tried the other missing Jamie Facebook page. On that one, the admin for Jamie’s page responded to me and said the police told her to keep Jamie’s case quiet and I should ask Jamie’s mom first, and they didn’t need my help. I had already contacted Jamie’s mom and told her what I do and wanted to post Jamie’s missing story and she responded, right after the admin did and said, “Not on my watch.” I didn’t know if she was talking about a Timex or Rolex (ha-ha.)

So, I am perplexed why they did not want me to post Jamie’s missing info. I have no idea what that is suppose to mean. Then I saw on social media that family and friends were also less than courteous to a reporter that asked for a more recent photo of Jamie.

Most of the photos posted of Jamie are of someone in their 20s not 36. After doing some digging I did find a photo of Jamie from this year. You can see by the photo that there is a difference between that one and the one that is circulating.

I did find one photo for her arrest in 2015, but no photo for her arrest in 2019 for criminal trespassing and one photo for her arrest in April 2020 for for intoxication, with a child under 15 in the car.

May 2015

Heaven knows what is going on. Is it possible someone in the family knows where she is, but is keeping it quiet, because Jamie doesn’t want to be found?

So, if Jamie’s missing story seems incomplete, you now know why. The family does not want to answer questions, because the admin said to me the police said not to talk to anyone, and they don’t want me to share Jamie’s missing information either, but then they have a Facebook page set up. Very confusing. First, it doesn’t make any sense that the police would not want Jamie’s missing information shared.

Jamie Marie Harper is described as 5-foot, 3-inches tall and weighing 100 pounds. She has three distinctive heart tattoos on her neck, and a butterfly tattoo on her stomach.

Texas plate MKS-7421.

Anyone with information about Harper’s whereabouts is urged to call the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office at (903) 923-4000.

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