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Marilane Carter goes missing on her way to Alabama FOUND

Please note this story is running in reverse chronological order, so you will need to go to the bottom to start at the beginning as I put all the UPDATES on top.

UPDATE 8/20/20 – Although not officially identified the woman found in the driver’s seat of Marilane’s car likely died from asphyxiation due to carbon monoxide poisoning based on initial evidence, the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office said. The ignition was switched on, and the vehicle had been running inside the shipping container, Chief Deputy Todd Grooms told the Kansas City Star.

UPDATE 8/19/20 – It appears that Marilane Carter has been found. A search group was in an area on the weekend where there were three metal shipping containers in a field in West Memphis, Arkansas in Crittenden County off of Interstate 55, under the I-55 bridge, but they found nothing.

Marilane’s uncle decided to continue searching that area on Tuesday and looked into one of the shipping containers that was open and found Marilane’s car inside. A body was found in the driver’s seat. The body has not officially been identified, but it is likely Marilane’s. The area was 4 miles from where Marilane was seen on video purchasing gas.

Chief Todd Grooms said the shipping containers were Onyx trailers and were parked in some high grass and one of the family members (not specifying Marilane’s uncle) saw that one of the doors was partially opened. I am bringing that to your attention as it has been going around social media whether the doors were open or not, as people try to understand how the search team that was there on the weekend did not look into the shipping container.

This is such a bizarre ending to the disappearance of Marilane that many questions come up. Why would Marilane drive into a shipping container in the middle of a field? How did she know they were there, or was it a random find? Why didn’t anyone look inside the metal shipping containers before, as a search has been done there before? It was stated one of the doors was opened, so if so how did they not see her car in there before?

Also, please note, Marilane would have had to get out of her car, open the storage door and drive inside and then get back out again and shut the door behind her. If there was high grass as the Chief said, it would be difficult to open that heavy door, so I am doubting the high grass comment. I don’t believe it can be locked from the inside, so that may be why the door was partially opened.

The authorities have already stated the case was not foul play. I am wondering if there is something there at the scene that they are not saying that points to a suicide.

Prayers to the family of Marilane.

UPDATE 8/12/20: Marilane’s brother-in-law, Bradey stated that there will be a search in the river where Marilane’s phone last pinged today. They are hoping that search will rule out that the car ended up in the river. Also, it was brought up that Marilane had been searching for a clinic to go to in Birmingham and her husband has sent letters and power of attorney’s to various hospitals in Birmingham to see if she is in there care.

Original Story: Marilane Carter, 36, from Kansas went missing on her way to Birmingham, Alabama. She was last seen when she left her home on Saturday, August August 1, 2020. The last time the family had contact with her was Sunday around 8 p.m.

Authorities say she seems to have vanished near West Memphis, Arkansas. Investigators did a ping on the phone and determined that she had been in the area of I-55 where West Memphis, Arkansas borders Memphis, Tennessee, at the Mississippi River.

Marlene Mesler, Marilane’s mother told WMCA Action News that her daughter’s phone went dead near Bridgeport Road in West Memphis. Specifically under the I-55 bridge at a walking trail, called the Big River Crossing.

Marilane’s mother said she was taking the trip to come visit them, and her sister whose baby was due, and to seek help with her issue of not sleeping.

Her parents also stated that Marilane stated she was getting lost, which they found unusual as she had driven the route before and knew the way.

She stayed in a hotel Saturday night and then talked with both her husband and her mother around 8 p.m. on Sunday evening shortly before her phone was turned off.

The latest is that her husband, who is a paster in Kansas is traveling to Mississippi as she may have been seen on Monday at a gas station in Southhaven, Mississippi around 11 p.m. 

There has been no credit card activity on Carter’s accounts since Sunday, and the woman that believes she saw and talked with Marilane told police the woman told her that her credit or debit card wasn’t working and asked for some money.

“The woman actually gave her $10 to put on gas and gave her $3 cash,” Larsen said.

She is driving a dark gray 2011 GMC Acadia with Kansas license plate 194LFY.

Carter is 5′8″ and 130 pounds. She was wearing a green shirt and black yoga pants.

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