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Who is this little girl caught by Ring camera

UPDATE The police posted on their social media page the following:
UPDATE: The child and her family have been identified and are safe. Thank you for your assistance.

Original story: Although it happened two weeks ago, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Dept. is asking for the public to help them identify a young girl that was caught on a Ring camera around midnight.

The photo is not very clear and with the darkness surrounding her, it looks just like a photo from a scary movie and not real, but it is real. The little girl with long hair is walking on the lawn of a house in the Westwinds subdivision after midnight. If you look at the little girl’s hand you will see something dark. The police believe it is a dark-haired doll.

She appears to be alone and the police also have a video of her, that they have not released at this time.

What is this little girl doing all by herself at midnight?

After studying the photo, I believe this little girl is likely around 8-years-old. She appears to be wearing an outfit that bottoms or zips up the back.

The police are saying the photo was captured at the 11300 block of Sanandrew Drive, New Market, Maryland on July 25, 2020.

What is as mysterious as this little girl alone at night is the location of where she is at. A look at Google map and it shows a neighborhood bordered by the woods. It would seem that the child must have come from the neighborhood, especially when there is only woods on the other side of the road. But I am willing to bet that the police likely went through the neighborhood with the photo and no one came forward to say it was their child.

One side is woods, and the other is a neighborhood of houses.

Another photo shows the neighborhood where the child was and that it is surrounded on all sides by woods and farms. On the lower west side is a community called Pinehurst that is separated by the woods. from Sanandrew Drive. Could the girl have come from there?

In this photo below of street level, you can see houses on Sanadrew that back up to the woods on the left, and the houses on the right have other houses behind them.

Sanandrew is in the Westwinds subdivision in New Market.

When the photo was posted by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office social media began sharing and posting about it.

The mystery of why this little girl is wandering this neighborhood at night is going viral on social media. Hopefully, soon someone will recognize her or her parents will come forward.

If you have any information about this little girl, please call the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office at 301-600-2821.

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