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FOUND Man goes missing while jogging

UPDATE 10-26-21. Contractors were removing invasive species in the area of a forest preserve in Waterfall Glen forest when they came across “human remains hanging from a low hanging tree,” said Chief David Pederson with the Forest Preserve District Police. 

The forest preserve was the same location where Cefolia’s car was found after he was reported missing. 

Cefolia was reported missing on Aug. 8, 2020. 

Cefolia’s Range Rover Sport was discovered parked in the early morning hours of Aug. 8 outside the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve in Darien. An avid runner, Cefolia used to run and hike the trails at the 700-acre forest.

UPDATE: Elmhurst police said there was a criminal investigation underway. Read more here.

Jake Cefolia, 49, is missing from Chicago after going for a run. Cefolia, who is the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales for United Airlines and was last seen on August 6, 2020, when he went for his usual jog.

Chief David Peterson said “he ran a 9 or 10-mile loop here at the forest preserve, so he’s an athletic 49-year-old gentleman. We don’t know for sure he’s still at the forest preserve, but at this point there’s been no contact with family or friends.”

Jake was seen on video getting gas and entering the Waterfall Glen Preserve in Lemont, Illinois on August 7. He missed a corporate event he was suppose to attend on that day.

The search continues for him as well as a Facebook page has been started. The Facebook page showed a map of where Jake was jogging.


Jake was wearing khaki pants and hiking boots. He did not have a cell phone with him. His car was found at the preserve.

There will be voluntary searches for Jake and you can go to the Facebook page for dates and times.

United asked that if you have any information that could be helpful in locating Cefolia, please contact the Elmhurst Police Department at (630) 530-3050.

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