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Trail camera takes photo of barefoot girl running through the Virginia woods

UPDATE: A photo of a friend of the missing teen wearing a dress that looks similar to the one the girl is wearing in the woods has just surfaced on social media.

Bryston Atkins posted on his Facebook page a photo of a girl that was captured running through the woods of Virginia around dusk, approximately a couple of weeks ago.

Bryston posted, “This photo was taken the 4th of August. The camera is way off the beaten path (Nothing but mountains and farm land, closest houses being miles away. She looks as she’s running for her life barefoot on top of a mountain in the middle of no where running from something but the question is what? Torn up dress with looks to be shackles on the wrist MAYBE and bare foot and it’s gonna be dark In a half hour SOMETHING IS CLEARLY WRONG , if you see this girl or have any information plz contact ALBEMARLE POLICE DEPARTMENT VIRGINIA…. please share this , probably a sex trafficking victim.”

Atkins lives in the Shenandoah area which is NOT where the camera was. I am waiting to get more information on that.

In this photo you see Shenandoah (exact location of camera is not known at this time) and Chesterfield, where Aislinn Barrera went missing

The photo was put up Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Atkins had not checked his camera photos before that date for approximately two weeks, as a bear had chewed the antennae on it and the camera stopped sending photos to his phone.

Social media is saying that the girl looks like missing Aislinn Barrera, 15, that went missing from Chesterfield, Va.

Original photo from Bryan Atkins
Aislinn’s description said she was wearing a gold necklace and a necklace with an A, There is something around this girls neck but it seems like a large pendant hanging down. Her hair also appears to be ties into two separate pigtails. Her skirt appears to be tattered, but the is hard to tell.
Atkins said it appears she is barefoot. Here is a closeup.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Aislinn and the girl in the woods. Use arrows to slide photo left and right.

What I believe is most unusual about this photo is that she is not wearing shoes. It was stated that there are no houses nearby and during this time of year with snakes and what not out, it is not safe to be in the woods without any shoes. Also, we can’t disregard the clothing she is wearing either. It appears to be a dress that you would wear

The police have been notified, but so far no updates from them on this photo. We will keep a watch on the post to see if anything new comes in and post it here.

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