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Amber Alert for baby missing from Wells

UPDATE 2021 – Armaidre Anyway Marquie Argumon is still missing.

Armaidre Antwan Marquie Argumon, who 5 weeks old, was last seen Friday, September 18, 2020, around 7:30 a.m. near the 500 Block of Old Forest Road in Wells, Texas.

When the Amber Alert first went out there was no backstory and all we knew was the baby was missing and the police were looking for a man and a vehicle.

“We are questioning the last known person to be with the child,” reads a statement from the police. “We have not located the child.”

More information came out on Tuesday. We now known the child was last seen at the grandmother’s house on Forest Road with the father, DeAndre Argumon. The child went missing with the father and 911 was called.

Later, the father was found but he did not have the child.

KTRE reports the man in custody is Armaidre’s father, DeAndre Argumon who was arrested on intoxication, unauthorized use of vehicle and parole hold. Recently, he was arrested on February 29, 2020 for assault and family violence and March 14, 2020 for parole violation.

Deandre Argumon

His green Ford truck was seized so that it could be searched. DeAndre also had access to another vehicle, a 2003 grey Ford Explorer that has been located.

Earlier reports state that DeAndre had been abducted. Then KLTV reported this afternoon that a family member stated that DeAndre said he gave the baby to the mother.

Social media is stating that Amanda Doss is the mother and that she has gone to Sweet Union.

“He (DeAndre) said he gave the baby to her, and she’s nowhere to be found. She left town for whatever reason,” were the comments no social media.

The authorities stated at the news conference that they do not believe that any other family members are involved with the baby’s disappearance.

Wells is a small town southwest of Dallas and Northwest of Houston. The population is almost 800 people. This is also where the infamous Church of Wells is located. The mother of Israel Keys, a known serial killer, is a member of the Church of Wells. Read story here.

Looking at a map, I see that the 500 block Old Forest Road is near the Church of Wells at 324 Forest Road. Although I searched for “Old” Forest Road as the media and Amber Alert is stating, I am only finding a Forest Road,

Is this another case of where we find the parent was lying and they are responsible for their child going missing or is it a true abduction?

Chrissee Bae has been searching for the baby and did a Facebook live video:

Hopefully, the press conference tomorrow will answer some of these questions.

Armaidre is 9 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a diaper.

The police are asking if anyone observed the Gray 2003 Ford Explorer driven by a black Male between the hour’s of 10:30 am & 4:00 pm on September 18th contact #Wells Police Department. If you know anything about the baby’s whereabouts please call 911 or the Wells Police Department at 903-683-2271.

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