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Woman and her dog missing from Washington

laynee westbrook

Laynee Westbrook, 41 of Anacortes, Washington went missing in September 2020. Her family called the police for a welfare check when her mother didn’t hear from her. Her mom told the authorities that Laynee had not been at her home since September 10.

Also missing is her dog, Precious, a rat terrier. The two were inseparable, family and friends said.

According to police, Westbrook is seen on video surveillance film leaving the San Juan Motel in a white truck, where she was living, with a friend about 7:15 p.m. on Sept. 10, reports GoSkagit.

If you see Precious, please contact the family, me, or the police. He may be wandering alone. At this point, no one knows.

Laynee was seen again at the Swinomish Chevron gas station with her friend right after that, which is next to the Swimomish Casino & Lodge. The police stated they were buying groceries.

A person posted that they went through the videos at Steinmans Grocery and she was seen on video 2:50 p.m. on the 10th. “She was along with her dog and appears to have walked here.”

The distance between the casino and Steinman’s is about 17 minutes by car.

So, she must have walked to the Steinmans in the afternoon, then in the early evening she left the motel in the white truck and went directly to the Chevron gas station afterwards, which is about 17 minutes away, according to the Google map.

Her friend told the police he dropped her off between 2 and 3 a.m. on September 11.

Photo of Laynee and her boyfriend posted on her boyfriends Facebook page. Although the message seems strange it likely comes from a Bob Marley song. It appears that Mike left for work and flew to Anchorage on a plane.

He provided the last text message they shared together on Facebook:

This text implies Mike was boarding a plane at 2:59 on Sept. 10. Laynee was seen at Steinman’s at 2:50 p.m. Was she in Steinmans when she was texting Mike? Does the video show her on the phone?

What I find interesting is Laynee states, “…call me when you land, my phone will be by my head,” because that implies to me that she would be in bed, possible sleeping. It takes 3 hours to go from Washington to Alaska. The longest flight I saw was 4 hrs. 44 minutes. Mike would arrive there between 6-7 p.m, or around 8 p.m. if he took a longer flight, maybe not getting to his destination till 9 p.m. Laynee asked him to call her when he landed, so there must be another text message or phone call, after the above between the two of them.

Although, Mike Sholund is claiming to be Laynee’s boyfriend there is another man that is also claiming to be her boyfriend, named Shawn.

Many on social media were stating that Mike was actually the ex boyfriend and other’s were saying the Shawn was the ex boyfriend. Then Mike’s sister posted:

Laynee’s cousin states there is a video showing Mike boarding a plane and he left to go to Alaska before the last time Laynee was seen so he has been cleared.

Additionally, the person with the white truck has been spoken to by the police and he was ruled out as a suspect, according to family.

There has been several searches for Laynee by volunteers. After a possible sighting on Sept. 16, there was a search on the Swinomish Reservation near the Chevron and the Lake Erie/Lake Campbell.

Laynee is 5 feet 9 inches, 120 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes. Also missing is her dog, Precious, a rat terrier. The two were inseparable, family and friends said.

Anacortes Police Capt. Dave Floyd said Monday that tips about the case should be reported directly to the department. at 360-293-4684 during business hours; 911 dispatch center, 360-428-3211 after business hours; and the detective tip line, 360-299-1985, any time. The case number is 20-A06084.

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