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Illinois woman missing, door found open

Erica Thompson, 53, from Brookfield, Illinois has been missing since October 1, 2019 from her home in the 9200 block of Monroe Avenue. Her son, Michael Russo, went to check on her after the family had not heard from her since the 25th and found the back door open, the air conditioner was going and there were dirt, moldy dishes in the sink and by the bed. Erica’s cats were in the house, and there was cat vomit everywhere. There was security footage, but it had been erased, and her dark purple 2014 Nissan Juke is missing. Erica did not show up for work as a comptroller at Empire Hard Chrome Inc., in Chicago.
She was seen on video on September 25, depositing money at a Eight Corners business district bank. Her phone ping on September 26 from Brookfield to Countryside, Hodgkins, McCook, Forest View, Summit and the Bridgeview area. Springfield, MO was her last cell phone ping. The family said that Erica did not like to travel and like staying at home. The police contacted Erica’s ex boyfriend (name not released) but he got a lawyer and will not talk. He was taken into custody for kidnapping after a police chase and standoff on October 15, 2019. Erica was not with him. Read story here. Finding Erica’s car would be a definite game-changer and you can help b keeping an eye out for it. It could be parked in a garage or a Walmart parking lot. It is a dark purple, but may appear black at night or in the shade. The police have been searching for it and even looked in the water but did not locate it. Also, the police have joined with other agencies to search for Erica and her car, including two suburban task forces and the FBI, which helped track cellphone data, reports the Riverside Brookfield Landmark.
Michael is doing his best to save his mom’s home from foreclosure. You can help by going to his GoFundMe page. Erica is 53, 5’6″ tall, 130 pounds with blue eyes and light auburn hair, sometimes dyed. She has a tattoos; fairies on hip and small blue heart on foot. 2014 Nissan Juke with Illinois license plate #E273380.
Please contact Brookfield Police at 708-405-8131 if you have any information on her whereabouts.
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