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Belle Isle woman disappears after leaving Walmart FOUND

UPDATE 10-17-20 – The body of a deceased person in a car was found, according to police. Police said the car was discovered in a pond near Dowden Road and Story Time Drive. Positive identification will be made, but the car plates match those of Stephanie Hollingsworth.

Surveillance video at the Walmart shows Stephanie purchasing a bottle of vodka and a soda. Authorities state the video shows she left the store alone and got into her car alone.

Stephanie Hollingsworth’s husband, Scott Hollingsworth, said his wife has issues with alcohol and he wants the public to know that if she did end up under the influence, it likely left her in a position where she could have been very vulnerable.

“She probably bought that and went and sat in a parking lot either right here, or near home, or somewhere very close to here, and that’s why we think she was in a very vulnerable position and that’s why we’re asking everybody to continue to help, to help with our search,” Scott Hollingsworth said.

Stephanie was driving her champagne colored 2000 Chevy Tahoe..

Authorities are asking if you see the car or Stephanie, to please call 911.

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