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Woman goes missing from Venice FOUND

UPDATE 10-10-20 – The Nissan Xterra was found in a large pond in the Toscana Isles subdivision in Venice, close to Knights Trail. Inside the vehicle was a deceased female, believed to be that of Tracey Lynn Rieker. As I stated in my video, because there was no absolute evidence she ever left the subdivision, she may have gone into the water. Police are still investigating the scene. According to police, this case is being treated as a traffic homicide. An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of Rieker’s death.

Another route Tracey likely took. Map of location of where the Xterra was found is below (see blue dot).

From the family:

“Our family is grateful for the outpouring of support and donations of both time and resources in the search for Tracey. The outcome of the investigation is shocking and devastating, and we wish this could have been investigated sooner to bring needed closure for the family. At this time, we are grieving as a extended and cohesive family unit, and request privacy while we work through this.”

Original Story: Tracey Lynn Rieker, 44, left her home in Venice, Florida on Wednesday, September 30, and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. She left behind her cell phone and wallet.

Tracey’s husband, Christian Reiker said he last saw his wife Sept. 30 between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. at their home in Venice. He told Fox 13 news when he woke up that morning, her cell phone and wallet were left behind. Tracey and the green Xterra, which her husband usually drove, was gone. The night before, Christian said that Tracey was having trouble sleeping, and was not eating. He told WFLA8, “We are concerned about what mindset she’s in.”

Christian also stated to, “She had been up for a couple of days. She said she didn’t want to celebrate Halloween or Christmas this year. Our daughter was born on Halloween. She said she was getting rid of the Halloween decorations and the tree.”

The Halloween decorations were found in the dumpster and appears she threw them away, that early morning she went missing.

A Private Investigator has been hired by the family.

Usually, Tracey would leave her home via Knights Trail Rd to Laurel Road E and head south to access I-75 north or south, stated private investigator Bill Warner on his website.

Jennifer Irvine, a family representative stated there are two entrances to the sub-division, however, they were not able to uncover any video footage of the Nissan Xterra entering or leaving. If this is the case, then did Tracey her leave the subdivision. Is it possible she is still there?

It could be why Christian is asking for the divers to come look in the water surrounds the subdivision.

Put video here

“We’ve had a huge outpouring from the community, we’ve had people offer up search dogs and drones, so please keep that coming,” said Christian on October 8. “There are a lot of lakes around the community, so I don’t know if there are any divers out there.”

One friend posted on Facebook that he saw Tracey, who used to give ghost tours in Venice, at the beach talking to people about God the day before she disappeared.

There has been another sighting of the Xterra in North Port on Thursday and again later that morning. No one has reported seeing her since then. Although it has been confirmed and noted there are more than one green Xterra in the area.

None of these sightings have been spoken about nor confirmed by the police. I would think with all the cameras that would be at the beach that she would be seen on one of them, especially any footage looked at on the day she was stated to be there.

A neighbor posted on Facebook that the police had been at her home asking if they had any outside surveillance footage.

Venice police say she has been frequenting area beaches to talk with people about God. Her husband told media that she has been concerned about Covid-19 and wasn’t going anywhere, but since she began preaching she was less concerned. They say she visited Lido Beach and Bradenton Beach on Sept. 28. She is also known to visit the North Port area.

The Facebook page Salem Ghost Hunters has also put up a notice about Tracey missing, and states she was a past volunteer of their organization, from a few years ago.

But then there is a mention that Tracey quit the organization on Sept. 23.

Tracey also posted script to several different churches on their Facebook accounts on Sunday, “(The Holy Spirit came upon me Sith these prophetic words in the wee early morning hours. These words are for now and there is no time to delay! Gather of all God’s Church and south the alarm!) Awake O Church of God, Oh Awake! For the Lord Will Be Coming! There is No Time to Wait! Arise O Church of God, Arise! The Horses are Swift!…”

Beth Spurry, Tracey’s foster sister told WWSB, “We keep looking for any kind of a clue, even incredibly remote and far fetched becomes a thread of hope.”

From the media release:

“It is important to note that this year, Tracey has experienced changes in her mental and emotional state. She has previously received professional assistance to address these but may be currently in need of emergent medical assistance from a licensed professional. 

“Prior to Tracey‘s disappearance she was having trouble sleeping and was engaging in fasting for religious purposes. She was cleaning her townhome, located in a active construction sub-division, between the hours of 3am-6am September 30th and decided to remove trash by dropping them in a community dumpster. It is believed at this point she went missing.”

Tracey drives a green Nissan Xterra with Florida tag PO8116.

Tracey is described as a petite 5-foot-4, 120-pound woman, and has blonde hair and brown eyes, with a heart tattooed on her ring finger.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact the Venice Police Department at 941-486-2444. 

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