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Couple missing from Las Vegas, car found abandoned FOUND

The family of Tiffany Booth have stated that her remains were found. Eduardo is still missing. On Oct. 19, police found Booth’s body near Indian Springs, 45 miles northwest of Las Vegas.Clemente’s whereabouts are still unknown. He is now considered a suspect in Booth’s death.

Original Story: Tiffany Booth and her boyfriend Eduardo Clemente have been missing from Las Vegas since October 8, 2020. Her silver Honda CRV was found in Ely abandoned with the license plates removed, on October 8. When a search was done in the area of the car, torn clothing was found. No information at this time if it belonged to the missing couple.

Tiffany and Eduardo both worked for Telus International in Las Vegas. 

Judy Booth, Tiffany’s mother told the she hadn’t heard from her daughter since October 2, 2020. 

Judy told Ely News that Tiffany texted her on Oct 1 and said that her and Eduardo were going on a day trip to Boulder City, and she had taken the following day off from work. Judy was diagnosed with asthma and anxiety per her mother, and she told her mom she was feeling good that day. Judy explained that Tiffany had a webcam facing the carport where Tiffany wold park her car and Judy decided to look at the webcam from her phone on October 1 and saw that Tiffany’s car had been gone all day.  She looked at other footage and saw that September 29 and 30th had been deleted.   “I think they did that so I wouldn’t be able to see when they left, but I don’t know why they would do that,” Judy told Ely News.

On October 3, Tiffany’s friends in San Antonio, Texas noticed she was in Idaho. Per a group chat they saw she was still in Idaho on October 4.

On October 6, Tiffany’s Facebook page goes inactive.

Judy has not been able to reach Tiffany since then and the phone goes straight to voice mail.

When Tiffany and Eduardo’s condo were checked it was noted that Tiffany’s bathroom essentials were gone but no extra clothing.

Tiffany’s debit card was used on October 6, 2020 at a McDonald’s and Stinker’s gas station in Idaho. The exact cities have not been released by police at this time, as well as if they have Tiffany or Eduardo on any surveillance cameras at any stores.

Family states that Tiffany and Eduardo have know each other for a couple of years and have been together as a couple for a few months.

Tiffany is described as 35 years of age, 5’4 weighing approximately 110 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. 

Eduardo is described as a 38 year old white male with brown hair, green eyes, 6’2 and weighs approximately 285 pounds, after recently losing weight.  

Help Find Tiffany Booth  

If you have any information about their disappearance or have seen with one, please contact the Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s Missing Person detail at 702-828-2907.

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