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North Dakota woman goes missing during party

Anne Fitzsimonds, 48, from Inkster, North Dakota, was last seen October 4, 2020 at a friend’s house near Petersburg, North Dakota.  She walked away from the party sometime around 1:30 a.m. into the night and has not been seen since.

Anne’s brother, George Niece told the Dickinson Press there was a love triangle, because investigators discovered that Anne had several cellphones, including a burner phone, as well as her recent affair on her husband. Niece said, Anne had been having an affair with a man identified only as ‘Brad’ who was the one who drove her truck home on the night of the party. Anne’s new boyfriend ended up with the truck she was driving the night of her disappearance. Police stated that Anne had recently added a friend’s name to the title, and have not looked at the truck for any clues to Anne’s disappearance. But then, Niece posted on Facebook, October 16, that Annes’ truck had been impounded.

“Yesterday the pickup that Anne bought from Connie that was titled as an ‘OR’ with both their names was impounded by the police,” he wrote. “That’s more than a week after she disappeared and both Brad, her fling, and Connie have been using it over the last week. This truck was back at the house Anne was last seen at, although apparently in Edinburg the night she disappeared.” 

George Niece

According to the Nelson County Sheriff’s Department, there have been two potential sightings, one on the afternoon she disappeared at a gas station in the town of Michigan on Highway 2. Another was two days later south of Cando. It has been my experience that most sightings turn out to be mistaken identities, so it is likely that Anne was at neither place.

Nelson County Sheriff Keith Olson told the Herald that people at the party have given conflicting stories, and no one seems to know why Anne left.

With the temperatures in the 20s and Anne not dressed for the weather, it is likely she would have been able to walk very far.

Fizsimonds is 48 years old, 5′2″ and 155 pounds. She has brown eyes and red hair. Niece is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to his sister.

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If you have any information on Fitzsimonds, call the Nelson County Sheriff’s Department at (701) 247-2474. 

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