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Missing teen Veta Belford from Sacramento

UPDATE – A friend of Akenese, which is Veta’s mother, reached out to me to let me know what has been going on with this case. I then spoke to Akenese to make suggestions on the next step on finding her daughter.

I talked with Veta Belford’s mom, click here to listen.

“Due to no help or interest from the Sacramento Police and little help from the paid PI, Veta’s Mother and I took it upon ourselves to go to all of Veta’s contacts on her phone and found nothing. We then went to Home Depot and Cornered the manager who fired Veta. He would not tell us why but did tell us that they gave Veta her last paycheck and accrued sick time which was 1000 dollars. They gave her this money IN CASH.We then went to the Greyhound bus station and sweet talked the lady into checking their database and sure enough, Veta bought a one way ticket to NEW YORK city on that same day she went missing! 273 dollars.

This is a young lady that has never driven a car or never spent the night away from home!She has no ID with her, no cloths , not even a coat! Her Mother is killing herself with worry!Please,Please help us get the word out in New York!!!

It is also pitiful that it took two women with no experience to uncover this info! What is going on with the Police department? If she was a pretty blonde white girl maybe they would care more? We are begging for your help!”

So first, I do believe the police still need to check on her to make sure this is what happened. No one, no manager, no company would pay an employee cash. Where did that money come from? It was not HD money. They don’t have petty cash like that and a manager would get hired if he took it out of a cash register. So, why would this manager state this? Why would he jeopardize his job, by telling an employee’s mother about an employee, who is considered an adult. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he did, but he had to right to do that. And if he did give her money outside of payroll, then HD corporate needs to know about it. Common sense states that something is not right here.

The family needs to contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Sacramento Police Chief to find out if Veta’s information has been put into NCIC. They have a responsibility to make sure she left on her own volition and was not forced. They have a responsibility to make sure it was actually her that bought a ticket. Remember, Veta had no purse, and left her ID at home, so anyone could have used her name and bought a ticket.

So, I have suggested that the family take the steps to contact, NCMEC, and Chief of Police. I let you know what happened when they get back to me.

Original Story: Veta (Vetah) Belford, 19, is missing from Sacramento, California. She was last seen on October 17, 2020 when her dad dropped her off at work at the Home Depot on Truxel Road.

When Veta’s mom, Akenese Belford Kitiona (A-kee-neez KI-tee-OH-nuh) came to pick her up at 11:30 p.m. she was not there. Veta’s mom went inside the store and the Home Depot manager told Veta’s mom that Veta left earlier in the afternoon after she was laid off from work. Security footage showed Belford walking out of the store’s parking lot at around 3:45 p.m. heading towards AT&T and Applebee’s in the Natomas Marketplace area. What is strange is that Veta did not call anyone to get a ride home.

Veta has a cell phone with her, along with a phone charger but when family members attempted to call her the phone was turned off, reports NBC News.

A post stated that they heard about Veta’s disappearance and lived blocks away from the incident. (Big shoutout to the person that helped this family). They reached out to the family to offer their help and found out that the police did not return phone calls until several days later. Akanese filed a missing report on Oct. 18. This is absolutely unforgivable, and makes me angry that a police department would think it is okay to take their sweet time to respond to a missing person report. Everyone thinks that missing cases are handle the same way as they are on TV, but they are not and it’s not until a family goes through the treatment from an heartless police department before they realize how inefficient some police departments are. Can anyone justify a police department taking advantage of a distraught family and making them wait several days to search for a missing person? Thankfully, there is now a detective assigned to the case. Also, the family has hired a private investigator, which concerning how the police have been so lackadasical regarding this case, was a smart move.

But, even more frustration is the police won’t allow the family to see the Home Depot video. Akanese posted that the businesses wouldn’t let her see the store videos, which actually could be a legal issue, but I have gone to fast food places and talked with managers who were happy to help and let me see the surveillance videos, so I don’t understand why I was allowed to see video, but Akanese is not allowed. If anything they should be told to save the video and not let it get recorded over, by the police as the police state they need a warrant to get the surveillance videos. It would be prudent for them to ask business to save the video from that day, but I am not clear if they have done that yet or not.

Also, Arkanese posted that when she spoke with Home Depot employees and they said Veta may have been fired instead of laid off, and the situation was strange how it happened, but it is just another detail of this case that has to be fully vetted.

Veta is 5’4” tall, weighs approximately 215 pounds and has brown eyes and black hair. She was last known to be wearing a brownish/orange striped flannel shirt, denim pants, a rainbow ring and a small crossbody bag.

Veta is a full-time student at Sacramento State and she devotes her spare time to her role as a youth leader at her church.

Sacramento police is urging anyone with information regarding this missing person to contact the police department dispatch center at 916-808-5471.

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