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Marisela Botello last seen at Deep Ellum

Marisela Botello, 23, who lives in Seattle was last seen in Dallas, Texas on October 4, 2020. She went to to the Deep Ellum district and a video captures her leaving the Select Start bar on Elm Street at 1 a.m. with an unknown man.

Marisela arrived in Dallas on Oct. 2, to visit her friend according to her mom, Ernestina Valadez. She took a Lyft to Deep Ellum known for it’s live entertainment, cocktail bars and Tex-Mex eateries, near downtown in East Dallas.  A Lyft receipt showed she was dropped off on Elm Street in the Deep Ellum area just after midnight on Monday, Oct. 5.

In the video it is hard to tell exactly if it is Marisela or not, but I do believe the mom does know, so I am taking her word for it that it is Marisela. Looing at Google Map it appears that they were walking away from the bar and had crossed the street going into this parking lot.

Although not much information is coming from the police, I believe they are investigating it as I have heard from sources that they have done interviews. I hope they are able to get to the bottom of Marisela’s disappearance. Her mom’s grief is palpable.

Marisela was last seen wearing this dress

Ernestina after seeing the video knows it’s her daughter, but the police have not verified it, reports WFAA news.

Botello’s belongings were found at her friend’s house and she has not used her cellphone or credit cards. 

Sources of WFAA says there is a person of interest, but there is no further information.

If you have any information, please contact the Dallas Police Department’s missing person’s unit at 214-671-4268 

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