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Woman missing from Arkansas, phone found at home

UPDATE 12/15/20: Semajee Dismuke, 23, and Kenneth Earl Lee, 46, were arrested on charges related to Ieshia’s disappearance disappearance. Dismuke is facing charges of capital murder and kidnapping, with a penalty enhancement for engaging in violent group activity attached. Lee faces charges of felony theft of property related to extortion.

Original Story: Ieshia Nicole Jackson, aka Ieahia, aka Iesha, 22-years-old, is missing from El Dorado, Arkansas.

Police say her family last heard from her on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 around 9:00 p.m. She was last seen at her home on East Main in El Dorado, Arkansas on Wednesday night when she was dropped off by a family member after returning from out of town. When her family went to her house to check on her they found  the front door was cracked open with her phone still inside the house.

“When she came home one day she did call me and say that her home was broken into,” said her mother, Laquita Williams. “The second day she was here she was telling me about how somebody barged in on her while she was there. By the time she told them to leave. She told me they wouldn’t. They called the police and that’s when they wanted to run.”

Ieshia is 4 foot 11 inches tall, and weighs approximately 135 pounds. Jackson has brown eyes and black hair. 

If you have any information that would helpful to police, you are urged to call Detective Harwell at (870) 881-4810. You can also contact El Dorado Police dispatch at (870) 863-4141.

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