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Month: December 2020

Texas woman abducted by gun point FOUND

Erika Rios Valdez has been found safe in Illinois. Abel Fajardo has been arrested. Valdez’s family says Fajardo had been stalking her for two years after meeting him at a construction site.  Original Story: Erika Rios Valdez, 32, is missing from Cleveland, Texas. She was last seen at her house on CR3404 near the Bella […]

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DNA match connects man to rapes and murder

You may not have heard of this name before, but authorities are asking for anyone who has or has known the following individual to get in touch with them. If after reading this story you believe you may have crossed his path over the years, or know information you want to share, please contact the […]

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Body of child found in Oregon woods

Remains of a child have been found in the H.B. Van Duzer Forest State Scenic Corridor in Lincoln County Oregon on December 10, 2020. The Oregon State Police Detectives are asking for your help, as they try to find out what happened to a little girl, and who she was. Her remains were found in […]

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Two brothers missing from California home

UPDATE JUNE – The police released a statement regarding this case in June 2021. According to BPD, 83 people have been interviewed, 44 search warrants have been conducted on residences and electronic devices, 170 items have been seized, over200 tips have been received, 16 mass area searches have been conducted and three searches have been […]

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Bike and backpack found abandoned in Louisiana woods- owner Found

UPDATE: Authorities have stated that the person that owned the blue backpack was found and stated that she donated the backpack to the Goodwill 1 ½ years ago. The authorities also stated that the blue bicycle was stolen. They have not stated whether they found the owner or not, at this time. This story began […]

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Blake McCoy missing from Texas FOUND

UPDATE: Blake McCoy has been found deceased in Fannin County Texas. The authorities are stating foul play. “It is believed McCoy’s death was the result of a criminal act, and this case is now being investigated as a murder,” Sherman police spokesperson Sgt. Brett Mullen said in a public statement. The investigation continues. Original Post: […]

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Texas State student missing, after car found crashed

UPDATE 5/15/21 – Texas Equusearch is going to search for james landry again. The authorities are also going to try and get a geofence warrant. This type of warrant allows them to see if there were any other cell phones in the same areas as James’ cell phone. UPDATE Jan 31, 2021 – Caldwell County […]

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Missing Texas Forty Series – Murder of Christie Wilson

This is a murder case from Liberty County from 1982. To see all the Missing Texas Forty stories, please search on this website or go to the YouTube channel to see the stories by starting here: Monica “Christie” Wilson, 19, who lived in Dayton, was found deceased near FM 1409 on August 26, 1982 in […]

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California woman and child missing after car accident FOUND

UPDATE: The police state that Trinity Bray and her son, Anthony have been located on December 4, 2020. They were found along Highway 101. We now know that Trinity was the person driving the car that crashed. According to Redheaded Black Belt, “Brey has told investigators that after the single-vehicle car crash, she and her […]

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