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Missing Texas Forty Series – Murder of Christie Wilson

This is a murder case from Liberty County from 1982. To see all the Missing Texas Forty stories, please search on this website or go to the YouTube channel to see the stories by starting here:

Monica “Christie” Wilson, 19, who lived in Dayton, was found deceased near FM 1409 on August 26, 1982 in an area where locals called “Dead Man’s Curve.”


She was last seem leaving her job around midnight on that same day from the “Happy Chap” convenience store, which back then was known as Snappy’s, located on U.S. 90 in Liberty County, by a fellow employee that also left at the same time. She was about 10 miles away from her home in Dayton.


When she didn’t return home, her husband became worried that she might have broken down and went out to search for her and found her car, a 1969 Pontiac LeMans, abandoned.

Representation of Christie’s car that was orange with a black soft top

Inside was a a partially drunk Dr. Pepper along with a few other items. Her husband went to the police station to report what he found.

Christie’s body was found near the water in a location called “Dead Man’s Curve.” If you know where that is, let me know.

“There did not appear to be any forced entry and it was drivable. It looked like she had pulled over on her way home to Dayton. Her keys, a Dr. Pepper she was drinking and all her belongings were left untouched inside,” Texas Ranger Best told Chron news.

Her body was found the next day by a person looking for beer cans to recycle. She was determined to have died from asphyxiation from a stab wound to her throat. Later it was discovered the car was found about six miles from where Christie’s body was later found.

Please watch full vide to see all interviews


Christie’s husband took two polygraph tests and passed. Authorities state he had no involvement in the case. The authorities stated they had suspects in the case but have to elaborated anymore than that.

Christie’s Family

Christie’s parents are deceased. Christie’s husband’s name was not released, and he later remarried. Leon Wilson, Christie’s sister-in-law, did an interview with the news in 2015.

Angela Abernathy, Christie Wilson’s sister, did an interview with KHOU-11 in 2017.

“Me and my family that’s left, we don’t have any closure still,” Abernathy said.

Texas Rangers ask for help

If you spoke to the police regarding this case around the time from 1982 – 1987, they need you to contact them again as some of their interviews were lost and they would like to reinterview you (see video above).

Anyone who might have new information on this case and would like to come forward can call 1-800-392-7867 go here or reach out to me and remain anonymous and I will pass this information on to the Texas Rangers. NOTE: There was a reward for this case.

Another case

Do you know anything about the Carl Wills case?

Carl Wills, 22, was murdered in late August of 2011. His body was found on Sept. 1 by a fisherman in a roadside ditch on CR 2132 in north Liberty County, a few miles south of Rye.

Wills had died from gunshot wounds to his back and head. Investigators believe that Wills, who lived in Livingston at the time, was killed elsewhere and dumped in Liberty County.

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