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Bike and backpack found abandoned in Louisiana woods- owner Found

UPDATE: Authorities have stated that the person that owned the blue backpack was found and stated that she donated the backpack to the Goodwill 1 ½ years ago. The authorities also stated that the blue bicycle was stolen. They have not stated whether they found the owner or not, at this time.

This story began circulating social media and I believe that is what caused the police to look closer at this case. KSLA said that, Patrol Deputy Chase Voorhies then “… dug a little deeper, literally, as he searched the nooks and crannies of the large backpack.”

No explanation why the backpack was not searched back on Dec. 8 when it was first found and turned over to police.

“He was able find a piece of paper with a name on it. He did some further investigating. And with the help of the Bossier Sheriff’s Office dispatchers, he was able to contact the person. And the mystery got some answers,” said the sheriff.

Original Story: A blue bicycle and a blue flowered backpack have been found in the woods of Fillmore and Haughton, Louisiana on December 8, 2020 and a poster is reaching out asking for help to identify it.

Yesterday, Kimberly sent me a link of a post that was put on social media on December 23, 2020, by Mark W. Prevot, about a bike and backpack found near Hwy 80 and Hwy 157.

I began researching the post by reaching out to Mark, but have not heard back from him.

Post Mark put up on social media

I had several questions to ask him about what was found, especially the other items in the backpack, i.e., the school lunch and the GPS device. I was wondering if there were other school items, and how he determined the lunch was a school lunch and if the GPS device was working.

I was also curious about the initials on the bag that appear to be the initials SNB. In monograms, usually the initial of the last name is put in the center, and is slightly larger than the other two letters. With the fancy font, it first appeared to be a P, then later that was changed to a B. I am even wonder if it’s possible an R.

And the bicycle. Is it functioning? Does it have a flat tire or chain loose?

Mark believes that there may be foul play surrounding the circumstances of the abandoned bike and backpack, and he is concerned and is asking social media if anyone knows of a missing child or a family with the initials.

Looking closer at the photos it appears as though the top of the backpack has been bleached by the sun, and also had mold growing on it. There is also two dark spots, that could be dirt or dried blood.

Close up of the back pack

I also did a search for monograms. Marley Lilly is one of the more well-know companies that personalize items. I checked their fonts and found no match.

This also could be a Vera Bradley back pack. The pattern seems familiar to what she does and they also monogram their backpacks.

But, I didn’t see a matching pattern or font.

Sample of Vera Bradley back pack and font

Also, there is a zip tie in the backpack, which is scaring many on social media. What was the zip tie used for? Could it be foul play or was it simple a way to attach the back pack to the bicycle?

At one point, the backpack was thought to belong to a Shannon Baumgartner who went missing from Louisiana in September 2020, while riding her bike. But, the police have responded via social media that Shannon is fine and well and located, and it is not her belongings.

I combed National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and and found no matches for anyone in Louisiana. This person could be missing from another area outside of Louisiana, of course.

Hopefully, I will hear back from Mark, so I can get some answers to my questions and do more research with the added information he gives me, and update this story. Keep checking back.

Also, the Bossier Parrish made a statement to KSLA news and said, it was “odd, but nothing criminal has been discovered at this time.”

If you have any information, please call Bossier Parrish Sheriff’s Office at 318-965-2203.

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