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Two brothers missing from California home

UPDATE JUNE – The police released a statement regarding this case in June 2021. According to BPD, 83 people have been interviewed, 44 search warrants have been conducted on residences and electronic devices, 170 items have been seized, over200 tips have been received, 16 mass area searches have been conducted and three searches have been conducted outside of California.

UPDATE FEB – Security camera footage from a neighbor shows an adult holding the door open on December 19, while four children go into the van. Then later that day two adults, which appear to be Trazell and Jacqueline West, come back to the house without any kids.

UPDATE 1/21/21 – California City Police Chief Jon Walker told media today that, “We’ve looked everywhere possible in a house we could possibly look,” Walker said. “We brought in search dogs, cadaver dogs, any dog you can think of has been in that house and has not had any kids anywhere in the house.”

Walker also stated that Jaqueline and Trevol are no longer living in the home and the widows have been boarded up, and are aware they have been back a couple of times. He also stated they police did a thorough search and there is “no way” the boys could be in the house.

Original Story: The authorities are stated that two brothers, Orson West, 3 and Orrin West, 4, went missing from 10717 Aspen Avenue, California City, Calif on Dec. 21, 2020.

Jaqueline West, was inside getting ready to wrap Christmas presents and told the brother’s to go outside with their dad and play.

“I open up the back gate, I’m throwing wood, bringing it inside the house. My wife’s inside, she was actually wrapping gifts so we thought it was a good idea that our youngest two go outside and play with chalk on the back patio,” said West, reports the media.

Right here, I’m not quiet understanding why just the two brothers went outside. Did Jaqueline decide to just wrap their gifts and not the gifts of the other four children in the house. Were the other four children gone from the house at that time? Were the other four children in another room playing together without the brothers? Maybe they were older and playing video games? Why didn’t all the children go outside together and play? What are your thoughts?

Dad, Trevol West, opened the gate on the property to go gather that wood and realized he had left the gate open.

When he went back outside to get the boys they were gone.

“I came in the house, I saw them there. I go in the house, I came back out, I didn’t see them there,” Trezell West said during a media interview.

The police were called after the parents were not able to locate the boys by searching the neighborhood.

The other four children have been removed from the home as the parents are questioned about what happened.

KGET noted that K9s were brought in on Monday to search, and stated the dogs found the boys’ scent inside the house, but not outdoors. On Wednesday night there was a large police presence with law enforcement searching the backyard and neighbors telling media they could hear a jack hammer.

The boy’s biological mother, Ryan Dean traveled from Bakersfield, to help with the search for them.

Ryan Dean

“They did something, I feel like they did something and they know something. They did something. I feel like my kids are somewhere around here. I can feel it. And I feel like they are in the house and I feel like they did something,” Ryan told the media.

My research showed that the 1800 square foot, 3 bedroom 2 bath home with another room that could be converted into a bedroom or game room, was recently purchased in September 2020.

My thought is maybe the boys were never in this house at all.

Cal City Police are asking that if you have any information regarding the missing boys to call them at (760) 373-8606.

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