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Keith Roberson missing after car accident

A recurring theme is young men that disappear after being in a car accident. I have written many stories here about that. Just recently, Jason Landry went missing after a car accident, and another well-known case is Brandon Lawson.

Steven Keith Roberson was last seen on September 5, 2018 in Sonora, Texas. His mom, Sharmon Roberson from Odessa, Texas stated that she got a call on September 5 from the Department of Public Safety, that said that Keith had been in a car accident at mile marker 417 on I-10 near Sonora in Sutton County but no one could find him.

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The vehicle driven by Keith crossed the center median, went into the air and hit a second vehicle, according to a DPS crash report. Both vehicles spun several times and the driver of the second vehicle was injured, reports GoSanAngelo news.

Field Diagram of the accident

Keith was suspected of fleeing the crash, which was the last time anyone saw him, Sharmon said. Keith’s wallet and laptop were found in the car. Keith’s cell phone has been “turned off” according to Sharmon since the accident. After over 2 years, Keith still remains missing.

Keith who worked as an oil field flowback supervisor at a Crockett County completions site, never showed up for work on September 6, 2018.  

Keith is 6’2″ and 175 lbs with light brown hair and hazel eyes. His left ear lope is split in two. He has multiple tattoos including:”Prepared for the worst and praying for the best” on collar bone, 2 ladies on his chest, on his back their is Harlequin and one of Marilyn Monroe, ship anchor on his left inside arm, he has a ribbon around a cross on his right arm, “snitches get stitches” on his left leg, on his right leg he has a collage of skulls, on his left torso he has “Like Father”, on his right torso he has an eagle with wings out and up, he has a dove on right forearm.

If you have any information about Keith’s disappearance contact the Texas Department of Public Safety. Reports can be made to the department at or 844-643-2251.

Sharmon is offering a $15,000 reward to anyone who can bring Keith to her.

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