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Ira Briscoe missing from Missouri

UPDATE 7/25/21 -There has been nine arrests in connection to Briscoe and Little’s missing case. According to KY3 multiple people associated to the case are in prison. The sheriff’s office says arrests and charges were due to unrelated crimes, but they have been used to move the investigation forward.

Original Story: Ira Lee Briscoe, 25, is missing from Lanton, Missouri. He was last see on December 23, 2020. Limon Landon Little, 49, the roommate of Ira’s is missing. He was last seen December 15, 2020 in West Plains, Missouri.

At first Ira’s car was missing and the Howell County Sheriff’s Office stated it was a 1995 Mercury Sable with Missouri registration of LC9-V1B.

“The original color of this vehicle is silver, however there is information leading Investigators to believe the vehicle has been spray painted black.” Later, the police located his car at a junk yard, but there is a debate whether it is his car or not, as he may have given it to someone.

The day before Briscoe went missing, two people exchanged gunfire inside a house in nearby Koshkonong. Both of them know Briscoe, and authorities were investigating to see if there was a connection to Brisco or Little’s disappearance.

West Plains Daily reported, “Jesse Lee Branstetter, 30, was reportedly dead from apparent gunshot injuries when deputies were called to the scene Dec. 22. Shortly after, a man arrived at an area hospital by private vehicle seeking treatment for gunshot wounds, and it was determined he was connected to the same shooting incident near Koshkonong, according to scanner audio heard by Quill staff. Investigators described the second shooting victim, whose name is not being disclosed to the public at the time of this writing, as being in critical but stable condition.

The search for Ira Lee Briscoe began late the evening of the shooting, according to scanner audio heard by Quill staff.

Both of the men knew Ira and at this time, the police are not sure if the incident is connected to Ira’s disappearance or not.

 Currently, Ira’s home has been boarded up.

UPDATE 1/14/21 – On the Missing Persons of America Facebook page in January 2021, there was a comment left:

As you can read below, Ira’s mother was notified of this comment.

 Howell County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation division at 417-256-2544.

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