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Who is the man in Monterrey Mexico?

I was sent a message a week ago about this man in Monterrey, Mexico. According to the person that sent me the message and photos, she stated her friend has been talking with him and the man said he wanted to find his family.

I have done many stories on Homeless Americans in Mexico, and this appeared to be another one. I gave them a few ideas on how to help him and then waited for her response. While waiting for a response I did a little research.

During that time social media exploded on this case. Everyone trying to help him. I wasn’t so sure that this was a case that needed to go to social media, not yet anyway, until more investigation had been done on it, but it was now out of my control. I don’t know if the person I was talking to also decided to share the information with others, or what happened. (see below)

I continued to talk with the woman and told her I believed that the person was possibly Terrance Woodson. I went by the name of Woodson, because he put down the name of “Cheeer Wooodson” on a blue piece of paper.

Many thought the man was actually a missing boy, Anthony Woodson from Mansfield, Texas that was last seen in 1981.

A few day went by and I saw tons of misinformation being shared on the threads, along with lots of new emails of the man’s picture being sent to me to help him. No one knew I had already been working on it.

Then a video from 2018 was found (below). It shows a man who the locals call Bob Marley in Monterrey Mexico. The video looks just like the man in the picture and if it is we now know that the man has been there since at least 2018. The title says Bo Marley, but actually it is Bob Marley. In the video he also says the cops stop him every now and then and look at his ID and say everything is fine and go on their way.

So, the purpose of this posts is to mostly let everyone know that this man has been approached by kind-hearted people trying to help him, yet he is still in the streets. I think this is where he wants to be. But, that doesn’t stop us from locating his family to see if they would like to be reunited with him.

So, if this story comes back around in a few years as it already has now, then we have a record stating people have been there to help him before.

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