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Gannon Stauch: Trial of Letecia Stauch

Gannon Stauch went missing from Colorado Springs, Colorado on Jan. 27, 2020. To read Gannon’s missing story go here

Trial has not been scheduled yet, but next hearing is in March 2021

April 2020, Letecia Stauch the step mom of Gannon Stauch searched for an apartment in Pensacola, Florida, the same place where Gannon’s remains were found in May. Letecia also searched for “Find real military singles” and “Find me a rich guy who wants me to take care of his kids,” and searched for fake

We have also learned from an affidavit that during the interview with police, Letecia said she met a Hispanic man named Eduardo in her neighborhood and asked him to help her “take care” of a rug that Gannon had spilled candle wax on. She also said she saw Eguardo in her house with a gun and he held her in the basement a gunpoint, then let her go so she go meet her stepdaughter who had returned home from school. Then when she came back Eguardo raped her, and during that rape, she blacked out. Just before she blacked out, Gannon jumped on Eguardo’s back, but Eguardo was able to throw him off. Eduardo then asked for a suitcase while he had a gun on Gannon. Letecia game him the suitcase and a cardboard box and he tried to rape her again, but Letecia hit her head and blacked out again. When Letecia woke up, Gannon and Eduardo were gone. She cleaned up the are before calling the police. Authorities took Letecia to the hospital but she refused a rape kit and actually snuck out of the hospital.

Authorities believe that Leticia murdered Gannon on Jan 27 and there was blood spatter on the walls and blood on the mattress that soaked through the mattress to the carpet, pad and concrete under that.

Letecia sent her daughter Harley to get cleaning supplies.

Eventually, Gannon’s body was brought through the house, into the garage and put into the back of the Volkswagen Tiguan. Authorities believe Letecia transport and dumped Gannon’s remains in Douglas County, Colorado on Jan. 28, 2020. Blood was found in Gannon’s bedroom, the garage and on a piece of particleboard found of Hwy 105/S Perry Park Rd. and it matched Gannon’s DNA.

Authorities also stated that investigators said Letecia changed her stories numerous times and lied to them. She also rented a car, disconnected her cell phone, and reported a false rape. She also traveled around Colorado and eventually left the state.

The Nintendo Switch that Gannon had was seen in a photo taken of him lying in bed. That Switch cannot be located. Leticia had done a Google search for “can niendo find switch.”

Letecia has undergone two mental evaluations. Her second evaluation was completed on Jan. 10, 2021 and she was found to be fit for trial.

The preliminary hearing has been set for March 11 and 12.

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