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GUILTY: Sasha Kraus Mark Gooch trial

UPDATE October 13, 2021 –

After a very uneventful trial and deliberation of about a week, Mark Gooch was charged for the murder of Sasha Krause.

We never heard any follow up or anyone agree that Mark Gooch ever said anything about having “disdain” for Mennonites. Nothing about surveilling churches. No real theory how Sasha ended up in his car in the first place.

We did find it was a former school teacher that found Sasha’s body, and she did her best to explain how she discovered her near her camp although still very upset about it all.

The prosecutors will be allowed to present evidence showing that Mark Gooch, the man charged for the murder of Sasha Krause had a “disdain” for Mennonite’s, reports the Daily Times. They will be show into evidence text messages between Gooch and his brothers where they talk about surveilling Mennonite churches (although why Gooch did that has not been clarified at this writing). But, Judge Nichols stated that the text messages points to motive as well as the cell phone records showed Gooch returing to the forested area connecting him to the scene of the murder, reports Stars and Stripes.

Gooch’s defence stated that the text messages were a few out of thousands that Gooch sent and received. And there was only two that mentioned Mennonites.

Jury selection has begun for the trial that is to begin Sept. 21.

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This page is dedicated for updates on the hearings and trial of Mark Gooch.

October 29, 2020 – Mark Gooch has plead not guilty to the murder of Sasha Krause. Currently, Mark is being held at the Coconino County Jail in Flagstaff. There is a $2M cash only bond. A Judge based it on animosity he held for the Mennonite community he grew up in.

Authorities used cell phone records to pair Mark’s cell phone to Sasha’s. The bullet taken form Sasha’s skull was determined to have been fired from a rifle owned by Mark.

Sasha Kraus

Mark’s trial is scheduled to begin in August 2021.

August 20, 2020 – Samuel Gooch, the brother of Mark Gooch plead guilty to a charge of facilitation to commit hindering prosecution. Authorities stated that Samuel flew from Wisconsin to Arizona to pick up a rifle used in the shooting of Sasha Kraus.

Gooch’s parents were members of the church but Gooch never joined the church.

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