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Sanitation workers find abducted New Iberia 10-year-old girl

Two sanitation workers that were working this morning, found a 10-year-old girl that had been abducted from Louisiana on Sunday evening.

Dion Merrick and Brandon Antonie spotted the car parked in a field early Monday morning. They recognized the vehicle from the Amber Alert.

“Once I noticed the silver Nissan, I backed up and blocked him in. I called 911 and they answered and said we have an officer minutes away. Before I could hang up the phone the officer was there,” Merrick stated.

Car in the woods

Here is the link below to the video that Merrick posted. You can also follow the link in the upper left hand corner to leave a “good job” message for Merrick.

Michael Sereal, 33 of New Iberia was arrested.

Michael Sereal

Sereal, a registered sex offender, is facing aggravated kidnapping charges.

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