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Son of missing Peggy McGuire is missing FOUND

Ethan McIntosh has been found safe.

Ethan McIntosh, 13, is missing from McIntosh County Oklahoma. Ethan is the son of Peggy McGuire (click on blue link to read more about Peggy’ case). that went missing from the Stidham area in 2015.

Ethan was last seen Monday night operating a tractor while he was feeding cattle. The tractor was found 5 miles away per the post below:

The media keeps bringing up that Ethan’s farther has been cooperative. In the post above you can see where it says he had not been seen since daylight. The statements may be because after Peggy’s disappearance, police found traces of blood on the couch on the back porch of the home she shared with her son’s father, Thomas McIntosh. There were also red stains on a leather glove in McIntosh’s truck, and reddish-colored stains, possibly blood, in the bucket of a front-loading tractor, according to media

Peggy had filed restraining orders against Thomas, but was still living with him.

After Peggy went missing, McGuire’s mother, Betty Davis, sued for visitation for her grandson because she had not seen him since Peggy disappeared. In court she stated she believed Peggy was deceased, and she thought her grandson was at risk for physical and/or emotional abuse at McIntosh’s hands.

This story will be updated as more comes in.

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