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Is this homeless woman Jane McDonald Crone missing since 1993?

UPDATE: 5/12/21 – There has been nothing new on this case. Although the rumors are still going on, I have notice that there has been absolutely no media reporting on this case in the United States. Just this morning I ran across a story from a reporter in Mexico that said he has an email from the FBI in Houston stating they did DNA on “Jane” and it wasn’t her. The problem is, I have seen 100s, probably 1000s of emails from federal agencies and this is NOT how it is done. FBI, CIA, DEA, all of them, do not correspond with the public via email. It was laughable to see how the “agent” even had their name on the email. It was obviously a fraud all the way around. But, the public would not know this. There is only a small percentage of people that have even seen correspondence from a federal law enforcement agency, so they would have no idea how it would look, let alone that it is not done is they would not know that it was a fraud.

So far, I have not seen one shred of evidence that Jane has even been fingerprinted or has been addressed in any fashion by the U.S. Is that because she did take off like it was mentioned early on and she has not been located? This is important because it is the U.S. that has Jane McDonald Crone’s DNA. Without taking DNA from “Jane” by the U.S. and seeing if it is a match with Jane McDonald Crone there is no way of knowing if there is a match or not. So, no matter what you hear, unless that has been done, all the rest is false.

Original Story: Jane McDonald Crone has been missing since 1993 from Conroe, Texas. She would be 62-years-old now. Back in 2010, her name was put on the the Missing Texas Forty list of more than 50 people that are missing from Liberty County and Montgomery County Texas.

No one knows why there are so many missing from these two counties. It was brought to my attention by Jerry Kinner that there were several missing from that area. After doing research I ended up collecting the names of 40 people missing from that area, thus the name, Missing Texas Forty. Since then the numbers have grown to over 50, while the original 40 still remains missing. Another phenomenon in itself. Click on this link to read more about the Missing Texas Forty.

Then on Saturday, March 6, I ran across a post by the Montgomery County Police Reporter that is always very informative about what is going on in Montgomery County, btw. The post is a story from Abraham Gonzalez that says a homeless woman found in Monterrey, Nuevo León Mexico on March 5, 2021 is missing Jane McDonald Crone. It immediately caught my attention as Jane’s name is so familiar to me since she became one of the Missing Texas Forty.

This is what he posted:

At this point, Gonalez is stating that the FBI is saying the person is identified, but I believe that the information has likely been passed to the FBI, but I don’t believe a positive identification has been made. But, right now, we are in limbo, because evidently the woman is missing again, and Gonzalez is asking others to look for her.

Except from

Perhaps not used to so much attention and the presence of “strangers”, Jane fled from the place where she used to rest, and it was then that an intense search began, which was joined by the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office, with the publication of a photograph and data on the identification of the homeless, while the social media community provided information on the places where they had allegedly seen her.”

Usually, when a person is found, in this case this homeless woman, then steps are done for positive identification. Sometimes through DNA, sometimes through fingerprints, sometimes the family, but usually all three, and the case is not concluded as closed until the person is 100 percent identified.

Several years back I began receiving many photos from Mexico of homeless Americans in Mexico. They asked me to share the photos because they felt the person was in a bad way and they knew the person was America and were hoping the family would come get them when they realized where they were at.

But, it did not panned out as I thought it would. If you look at my post of many missing homeless in Mexico you will see that although many have tried to identified these people, it is impossible. The family’s in the United States try many ways to get to the homeless person for a positive identification but they run into logistic, language and bureaucratic problems that makes the task impossible. This case of the woman that is allegedly Jane, has come to conclusion very quickly unlike all the other cases I have worked on in the past, if it is to be assumed she has been identified as Jane, but there are so many steps that need to be done as part of the identification process. One of them is the authorities respect of people wanting to remain private so they will not divulge anyone’s whereabouts unless they give their permission. At this point, it does not seem like this has been done for this woman. For example: when a missing person is located and they do not want the family to know where they are, or plain want to remain unknown, authorities will respect that and inform the family they were found, but not WHERE they were found. But, in Mexico, just getting to the first step of identifying a person is not easy. It is not just a quick trip to the consultant. Someone has to go get the person and persuade them to go to a consultant, and this is not something that most of the homeless will do willingly. Many do take off before that first step.

I am wondering if this is what this woman has done. Taken off before she has positively been identified. With that, all that Mexico has at this point is a woman that says she is Jane, but no fingerprints, DNA or family identification to verify it actually is Jane. And Mexico would likely not have her fingerprints or DNA as it is all here in the United States, so the FBI would have to be called in to make a positive identification.

American Homeless man in Mexico?

Now, after 24 hours, it seems with Jane’s story there are some that are doubting its authenticity. One woman posted, “It’s weird if she’s been in Mexico that many years and she hasn’t learned Spanish. They said she speaks only English. I am wondering if she was somewhere else then ended up in Mexico. So much I want to know. Wondering if she was being held then finally let go. They said she’s now with Mexican consulate and they will contact the family soon. According to the people that came in contact with her said she gave them her name but then when she knew they were looking for her she moved locations. I’m so confused.”

Although the above post believes the woman may be with a consulate, I have head she is missing from Gonzalez. So, two conflicting statements, and one of the reasons this story is sus. Although, both events could have happened. She may have been with consulate and left and now, no one can find her. Right now there is too many unsubstantiated rumors going around to safely state that the homeless woman is Jane McDonald Crone, let alone a positive ID from the FBI, which we may never hear about if the person opts to not make the information public.

Sunday morning, I received a message that Jane’s daughter has not been contacted on this story and knows nothing about it, and Jane’s son knows nothing about it either. Contrary to Gonzalez’ above statement the family does not know about this homeless woman, until they were contacted on social media. Does that mean that the rest of Gonzalez’s story is wrong, too? Not necessarily. It could be that the woman did state she was Jane. It’s whether she really is or not is unknown and won’t be known until the FBI are able to identify the woman through fingerprints, or DNA, and now with her disappearance it may be a while before she is tracked down again. if ever.

I would be very happy to find out that this is Jane or any other missing person for that matter, but at this point I am very doubtful. If she is missing again, it is likely that she does not want to be found. As hard as it is for us to understand why she wouldn’t want help, we can only let her go and wish her well, although it is something we would not choose.

As you read updates elsewhere, please read and share with caution till there is 100 percent validation that it is Jane.

Jane’s car found on Roberts Cemetery Rd. which is near her home in Magnolia. Her purse nor identification was not found in her 1982 blue Ford Mustang, but her texts books for the community college she was attending was.


November 12, 1993 – Jane leaves home in Magnolia, Texas and goes to work at Baker Hughes Tool Company in Houston. She leaves work and neither returns home nor attends class at North Harris County College in Tomball, Texas, where she was a student.

November 14, 1993 – Jane is spotted dancing with a man named “David” around 1 a.m. at a Houston nightclub. David never identified but not considered a suspect as Jane left the club without him.

November 16, 1993 – Jane’s car is found a few miles from her home on Roberts Cemetery Rd. A work crew says it had been there 2-3 days.

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