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Amber Alert in Georgia for 1-year-old Royalty Grisby FOUND

UPDATE: Royalty Grisby was found by a person who heard a baby crying on the porch of a home on Stoneleigh Hill Road in Lithonia, said DeKalb police. The teen, Malachi Richardson was arrested before Royalty was found. was located off Bolton Road in Atlanta earlier in the afternoon and taken into custody, police announced. At that point, Royalty was still missing, so police believe she was left on the porch by someone other than Richardson, reports AJC.

UPDATE: Police have identified a 14-year-old suspect in connection to the disappearance of 1-year-old Royalty Grisby as Malachi Richardson. Back in Feb. 12, Malachi and his brother, Akil went missing from DeKalb County and were located.

Missing information posted by police when the brothers were missing back in February.

According to investigators, they believe the order “appears to be fake” and that it was a set up. They said they determined Richardson was the person in that area when the crime happened and when the vehicle was abandoned.

When the police stated “set up” they are not clear if it was a set up to kidnap Royalty or a “set up” to steal the car. When the car was found the plates had been switched.

UPDATE: I am hearing that the DoorDash order was a set up and they know who took the baby and have a name. I have not received positive confirmation on this information.

Original Story: 1-year-old Royalty Grisby is missing from Stone Mountain, Georgia after the car she was in was stolen at 2 a.m. on Thursday, March 18, 2021. The DeKalb County Police stated that Royalty’s mom, Elizabeth Grisby was doing deliveries as a DoorDash driver and had made a stop near the 1200 block of Harvest Dale Court in Stone Mountain, when the car was stolen with Royalty in it.

“She attempted to get back to the car and stop the individuals, but they did not stop,” the police told media during a press conference.

The car, a maroon 2010 Nissan Armada, was located less than a mile from where it was taken. Cpt. Brian Deloach told News 11 that when they located it, the license plate on the car had been changed. Royalty was not in the vehicle. The police are looking for two suspects. But there is no description. The police stated the mom “attempted to get back to the car” but “they did not stop, and fled.” During the press conference, mom stated that she had gotten out of the car and left it running, with the keys in her pocket. She heard someone running as she was walking away from the car. The suspects jumped into the car and drove off.

Cpt. Deloach says he does not think the car seat was in the car when the car was found, but that information is unconfirmed at this time. If the carseat is not located, this may indicate that this was more than a stolen car incident.

According to officers, the mom, who was working as a DoorDash driver, and was making a food delivery when two suspects stole the car with 1-year-old Royalty Grisby in the backseat.

Royalty has black hair and brown eyes and is 2’8″ tall and 36 pounds. She was wearing a purple shirt and white and pink socks. She had a pink pacifier. She had a blanket on her. There has been no word whether the blanket was left in the car as well as the car seat, so please keep your eyes out for these items, too.

If you know anything please call 911.

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