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What happened to Lydia Dia Abrams?

Lydia “Dia” Abrams has been missing since Sunday morning, June 7, 2020 from her home in Bonita Vista.

Dia went for a walk that day on her 160-acre ranch in the Apple Canyon area and never returned. Although volunteers searched for her the following day, she was never found.

Dia’s two children, Clinton and Crisara Abrams, of San Diego are plaintiffs in the current court action. The petition seeks the removal of the two trustees, Keith Harper and Diana Fedder. Harper and Fedder are currently taking care of the property. Harper states he is Dia’s finance and filed a power of attorney document claiming control of the Bonita Vista Ranch that Dia owned.

Fedder told CBS8 news that Dia did not want her children trustees on her property.

“She made me promise, as well as several other people, that the children would not be allowed in the home because the first thing that would happen if she was gone is, they would come in and take everything,” said Fedder.

But, what is interesting is that Dia’s trust shows that she did at one time want her daughter involved, and named her trustee. The trusts shows Cisara’s name crossed out in ink, dated Dec. 12, 2018 and the words “Denied” written on it, with initials.

In the petition that Dia’s children filed, it states that it is actually Harper and Fedder that are romantically involved and want an accountability of what has been spent from the trust by the trustee. It also alleges, “the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is investigating Mr. Harper as a potential perpetrator of the crime or crimes that led to Dia’s disappearance.”

Harper did an interview with News 8 that talks about the last time he saw Dia. During the interview News8 brought up the ongoing multimillion court battle with her children.

Dia is the widow of the late Clem Abrams, a La Jolla (San Diego County) developer and multimillionaire, who died in 2018. Before Dia’s disappearance she had been battling in San Diego probate court with her adult children, Clinton and Crisara Abrams, who were named trustees of the Clem Abrams estate.

Court filings show Abrams was seeking to invalidate her prenuptial agreement she signed with her husband in 1984. She also was seeking more than $6.7 million dollars in assets from the estate to fund a marital trust.

Although Harper and Fedder state they are the trustee of the state, court records showed that the mortgage payments are in arrears on Abrams’ 117-acre ranch to the tune of $35,000 and the mortgage payments also are in arrears $42,000 on a home Abrams owns in nearby Garner Valley. Although, there is no information who actually is responsible to make these payments, it could be set up by the Clem Abrams trust for the trustees to make the payment on those aforementioned properties. This could be what Harper is referring to in the above YouTube video when he states, ““I just think it’s a sad thing that you have to challenge your own children for the right to live,” Harper said. “Financially, she needed that support. She had had it from her husband for years and they withdrew that support from her.”

In April 2021, Harper filed a petition in Riverside County court March 22, asking a judge to appoint him successor trustee to the Abrams estate, as spelled out in the trust agreement.

Back on Feb 5, 2021 authorities announced remains were found near the Pinyon Pines area. It is about 30 minutes away by car from Dia’s home. An assumption that it was Dia could not be made as there are also 5 other people missing from that area. At this writing, identification of the remains are still pending.

“Skeletal remains were located on Feb. 5, but at this time we have not had a positive identification on those remains,” wrote RCSD Correctional Sgt. Deanna Pecoraro of the department’s media information bureau. “The remains were located near the 70100 block of Highway 74 in Mountain Center [Pinyon Pines]. No further information is available at this time.”

Abrams family petition is set for May 13 in Palm Springs probate court.

Abrams is 65 years old, 5’ 5” tall, 130 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a black and turquoise jacket, yellow shirt and blue jeans.

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