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FOUND Houston woman disappears after delivering food to family and friends

Erica Hernandez Found

UPDATE 5/12/21 – The SUV that Erica was driving has been found in a retention pond in Pearland, southeast of Houston. The FBI after receiving information (they have not stated what) searched the area and “found a location that was consistent with a vehicle striking the curb and entering a body of water at the end of the road,” Houston Police Department Commander Kevin Deese said during a press briefing Tuesday evening.

A body was found inside. The family believes it is Erica, but it has not been confirmed by authorities as they have to wait for the coroner’s report.

When I first reported on this I felt that likely Erica had driven into water and pointed out Sims Bayou off of Airport Road as a possible location, based on her stating she was 5 minutes away from her house. The location where she was found was 16 minutes from that location (see map).

UPDATE 5/6/21 – There will be a search at Buffalo Run Park in Missouri City for Erica Hernandez.

Original Story: Erica Hernandez, 40, is missing from Houston, Texas since April 17, 2021. Hernandez’s family told Click2Houston that Erica was making food all day on the day she went missing. She invited her friends and family to come over and eat, but they couldn’t make it, so Erica decided to take it to them. She was last seen outside her sister-in-laws house on video, when she came to drop food off.

“Erica came to my house around 8:10 p.m. She left her car on because her kids were in the car,” Hernandez’s sister-in-law Eliva told KPRC 2. “Erica sat and talked to me for about five minutes and then left. Erica then went back home to drop her kids off.”

Eliva said possibly around 9:30 p.m., Hernandez went back out to her best friend Maggie’s house to deliver more food. Eliva said Hernandez was there until about 2:30 a.m.

“Maggie was texting Erica during her drive home to make sure she made it home safe,” Eliva said. “At 3:04 a.m., Maggie texted Erica asking if she made it home yet. Erica replied that she was five minutes away.”

Five minutes later Eliva said she texted again, but this time Erica didn’t respond.

After going over Erica’s cell phone and vehicle pings, Investigators say Hernandez was last seen last Sunday near Highway 288 and the Beltway driving a black GMC Acadia. It has a Texas license plate MKJ-3303.

“She was last seen, visibly, in her car on Court Road, Post Oak area, but her cell phone, the towers, picked her cell phone up in this area also,” Ashley said. (see map below)

There was a search in the wooded areas along FM 2234 in Fort Bend County but nothing was found. (see map below)

I have been looking at Google map to see if anything stands out where she may be. (see map below) If Erika said she was 5 minutes away from her home, I would think you’d want to figure out where five minutes away from her home is from all directions. I noted where Reed Road is, as I believe she lived near there, although I don’t know her exact address. I am wondering instead of her taking Reed Road if she didn’t take Airport Blvd. There is a Sims Bayou there that she would have to cross. Is it possible something happened and she went into the water? Could she have decided to go to the hiking trails near Sims Bayou before she went home? Doesn’t seem likely if she said she was 5 minutes away. There is a very narrow window of about 5 minutes from the last text message she made to the text message that was sent to her that she never responded to. It seems with that information, you should be able to narrow down where she would likely be. And, I am aware there is a lot of variables with that. Starting with if it was actually her on the phone.

Erica was wearing the same clothes seen in the Ring video and driving her 2020 GMC Acadia with an “Aggie Mom” decal on the back.

If you have any information as to her whereabouts, please call the Houston Police Department at 832-394-1840.

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