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Patti Adkins missing from Ohio after leaving work in 2001

Patricia “Patti” Adkins was last seen leaving work at the Honda automotive plant on June 29, 2001 in Marysville, Ohio and she hasn’t been seen since.

Union County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Jeff Stiers told Dateline that Patti had been planning a trip with her boyfriend of a year, during the time the plant would be shutting down for summer break. The boyfriend, who also worked at the Honda plant was married and had plans to leave his wife for Patti, or at least that is what he told her, and that is what Patti confided to her friends and family.

Patti said the plan they had come up with was they were going going to head to Canada together in the boyfriend’s truck after work Friday before the plant would shut down for the week. This was Patti would not have to leave her car in the Honda parking lot all week.

“When she left Honda that night, the plan was for her to get under the tarp cover [in the bed of her boyfriend’s truck] because another co-worker was going to be in the car, and the boyfriend didn’t want other people to know he and Patti were seeing each other,” Lt. Stiers said Patti’s close friends told him.

Patti’s sister was taking care of Patti’s daughter while she was gone. When Patti didn’t return from the trip to pick up her daughter, her sister called the boyfriend and he stated he barely even knew Patti. The police were called and they went to the boyfriends house and he stated he barely knew Patti.

The police searched the house and  Lt. Stiers said. “There were a couple of items found there at the house that circumstantially validated the story we were getting about their relationship.”

One of those items was a letter. In the letter, Patti wrote about how much she loved him and couldn’t wait to be with him.

Patti’s friends and family say Patti had given the boyfriend money, but police cannot find a trace of it through his financial accounts.  But, they did see money withdrawn from Patti’s records, according to Money she had gotten from a second mortgage and her 401K, that amounted to $90,000.  The money was due to be paid back in July, a month after she went missing.

Interestingly, the police also took DNA from the bed of the truck where Patti was supposed to have been. None of Patti’s DNA was found, but cat hair that matched her cat and a spot of blood was found on a brand new truck bed cover. It was sent off for forensic testing. The blood was too small to be tested at the time, according to media reports. The blood spot was so small that once tested it would be all gone, so authorities planned to wait until testing was more advanced. Hopefully, that day will come soon.

Per the above article from the Marysville Tribune, Patti had left her ID, bank cards and clothes behind.

Patti is described as being 5’8” tall and weighing 120 lbs. at the time of her disappearance. She has pierced ears, a pierced belly button, and a tattoo of bluish-green flowers placed horizontally on her lower back.

If you have any information on the circumstances surrounding Patti’s case, please call Lt. Jeff Stiers 937-645-4126.  If you want to remain anonymous please contact me and I will give the information to the police.

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