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2-year-old missing from church in Ripplemead, Virginia FOUND SAFE

UPDATE 5/5/21 – The media has reported that Nancy Fridley was a complete stranger to Noah Trout and the entire Trout family and he was chosen by her at random, according to the Giles County Sheriff’s Office. Prior to allegedly kidnapping Noah on Sunday morning at Riverview Baptist Church, Fridley visited both New Valley Fellowship Church and Mountain View Ministries, both of which are located in Narrows. She also visited those two churches a month before Noah’s abduction, according to the Sheriff’s Office, looking to kidnap a child.

UPDATE 5/4/21 – WFXR News has confirmed that the boyfriend of Nancy Fridley, Bobby Taylor, has also been charged. Bobby Lee Taylor has been arrested and is being charged with one count of abduction.

And a photo has surfaced with Noah home with his family:

Noah with a haircut

UPDATE 5/3/21: Nancy Renee Fridley, 44, from  100 Nicholas Dr, TRLR 4992, Clifton Forge, VA for kidnapping. The police surveyed a home at the Nicholas Trailer Park and saw a boy that resembled the boy that was missing and it turned out to be Noah. The police are talking with a male also, named Bobby Taylor who lives in D10. Information has leaked that Fridley and Taylor said they were the boy’s parents, which was not the information that came from Noah’s grandmother who explained that Noah’s mother was autistic and being taken care of and his dad was in prison.

“Midday today, law enforcement set up perimeter at a home in Alleghany County… Shortly afterward, FBI agents and a tactical unit with the Virginia State Police saw a child matching Noah’s description in the vicinity of the home. The FBI and the Virginia State Police recovered Noah,” Sheriff Millirons told the media.

What I have noticed though is that the person (below) does not seem to match the person that is seen in the photo leading Noah out the door. There is no red hair seen coming out of the hat worn in the photo. Is it possible that it is someone else?

UPDATE 5/3/21-Noah Trout has been found safe. There was a quick press release saying he was found and that is it for now. I’m sure more will come out later and I will update when it does. This happened so fast I didn’t have the opportunity to post he was missing on Facebook, before he was found. Below is the story.

Original Story: Noah Gabriel Trout, 2, went missing from the Riverview Baptist Church on Big Stony Creek Road in Ripplemead, Virginia. Most media accounts including the FBI are stating that an unidentified woman took him and left in a dark-colored van or SUV.

Noah and unidentified female.

Many have stated that the above photo looks like a man and are wondering why there is a distant between the two. I believe that this is likely a woman because of the build and the hips are wider. I also do not see any ties around the ears that would show they are wearing a mask. I also believe the distance between Noah and the suspect was done on purpose, so at anytime while walking towards the door if someone noticed them, the suspect could say they didn’t know Noah was behind them. I’m sure once they got out of the door, the suspect likely picked up Noah or grabbed his hand and rushed him along.

Close up pictures of suspect:

There are rumors that the woman is known and has been identified and it is his grandmother. Many times when an Amber Alert goes out there are guidelines that must be met before they are allowed to be activated. For example, Wyatt Crowley, 4, went missing on Sunday, also, from Burton Texas. The abductor appears to be his father. Right from the beginning the man was named and stated to be the one who took Wyatt. If Noah’s grandmother took him, then why has she not been named? I am beginning to believe that the abductor is NOT his grandmother and social media has made a mistake. Until the authorities state elsewise, I will believe that this suspect is unknown. After doing more research I found this information:

Riverview Baptist Church says there was a suspicious vehicle parked across from the church parking lot for an extended time during Sunday morning’s second service and asks anyone with information about the vehicle to contact the Giles County Sheriff’s Office.

Noah is 2’9” tall, weighs 33 lbs., blond hair, blue eyes and a red birth mark on the back of his neck. He was last seen wearing a royal blue tee shirt with a Houndstooth tie imprinted on the front. He also was wearing a bright orange jacket. The unknown vehicle had an Army sticker on the back.

Abductor was wearing a blue jacket with blue jeans, black tennis shoes and a black knitted stocking cap. You can see the back of the person in the photo.

Please call 911 if seen or the Tip Line at 540-696-6013 or contact the Giles County Sheriff’s Office at 540-921-3842. See Less— with Town Of Pearisburg Police Departmentand 2 others at Giles County Sheriff’s Office.

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