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FOUND Eugene man goes missing from downtown Portland, phone found in street

UPDATE 5/14/21 – Portland Police Bureau stated river patrol deputies with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office recovered the body of Michael Watts from the Willamette River on Tuesday.

Original Story: Michael Watts, who also goes by his stage name “Freddie Hollywood” has been missing since May 1, 2021 around 10 p.m. Many are worried he may have been caught up in the protest that was happening that night.

Watts made a video call that night and said someone was chasing him. According to Belinda Carroll’s post, “In that call Michael told his girlfriend that ‘someone is chasing me’ and ‘they’re right behind me’, before the call ended abruptly at 10:25pm.”

BUT, Watts’ sister Karlee told me that was a rumor.

Also, Watts’ friend, Kyle posted about it and she said she was the last one to see him and Watts said he was coming from Dante and they met at the hotel. They never went inside the hotel and at a point, Watts’ “wandered off.”

His car has been found at the hotel and his phone was found laying in the street. Also, Watts did not show up for work the next day, which is very unusual.

Watts impersonates Freddie Mercury and also works as a DPSST certified armed security guard at a Eugene hospital.

“He’s been working down in Eugene… he’s a stable individual, very reliable, very predictable, so this is entirely out of character for him,” his friend Bruce Dott, told the media. 

Friends are offering a “no questions asked,” $10,000 award for information that might help them find Watts.

He was wearing a dark track suit jacket.

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