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FOUND 2-year-old missing from Las Vegas, boyfriend says someone picked up child

UPDATE 5/13/21 – The body of Amari Nicholson has been found. Police found the body near the back wall near both Emerald Suites and Siegel Suites.

“The defendant ended up confessing to Metropolitan Police detectives that he abused the child, hit the child numerous times, causing his death,” prosecutor Tim Fattig said at Rhodes’ initial court appearance Wednesday. “He then ended up hiding the body after this occurred.”Fattig said Rhodes lied to investigators for a week before giving his confession. Blood evidence was found inside Rhodes’ apartment, according to the prosecutor, reports CNN.

UDATE 5/12/21 – Metro Police announced that Rhodes, 27, had allegedly killed the boy, said Metro Lt. Richard Meyers.  It was reported that Rhodes fought with officers while being taken into custody and actually got. hold of an officer’s gun, during the arrest. Sources told I-Team that Rhodes had confessed to the murder reports 8news. Hopefully, he says where Amari is.

Amari Nicholson, 2, is missing from Las Vegas, Nevada. About 3:11 p.m. on May 5, 2020, Amari was reported missing in the 3600 block of Paradise Road near Sands Avenue.

Tayler Nicholson – Amari’s bio mom

Terrell Rhodes – Tayler Nicholson boyfriend

Jyrgio Hayes – Amari’s bio dad

D’Errica Perryman – Jyrgio’s sister, Amari’s aunt

Yolanda Everett – Jyrgio’s sister, Amari’s aunt

Carrie Howard – Amari’s maternal grandmother

Tayler Nicholson said she was in Colorado while her boyfriend, Terrell Rhodes was taking care of Amari at their Emerald Suites apartment. (see video below)

“He got a knock on the door at 6 in the morning from a lady representing herself as Jyrgio’s sister. And then he, in the situation process he’s trying to call me to figure out what’s going on. And I’m sleeping in Colorado and I wasn’t able to answer in time so as he’s packing a bag she grabs the baby and runs out the apartment. And by the time he’s able to go out and find where she went she was no where to be seen,” Nicholson said.

Rhodes told the media he was expecting someone go come by and said a family member from Amari’s father’s side of the family stopped by and picked up the boy. Family members told media they were not aware of anyone who picked up Amari.

“I mean from my knowledge I already, was told like, somebody was going to stop by. Somebody was going to, but I never knew who. So I still had that in my headset somebody was coming by,” Rhodes said.

Nicholson stated she said someone would stop by, but did not say that someone was going to take Amari.

“I said somebody would be pulling up and I’ll let you know when, but I never said for what or anything. I was a misunderstanding we had, our little disagreement. And I’m poking the bear and he’s poking the bear back, so I let out the comment and coincidentally it matches the situation that we’re in,” Nicholson said.

Tayler was in Colorado with her mother, Carrie Howard to help her recover from surgery. Howard told 8NewsNow that the two Facetimed with Amari that night and he seemed happy.

Amari’s father, Jyrgio Hayes, lives in the Reno area. He said he doesn’t have much contact with Amari other than a visit in person last year in Henderson and several video calls.

“We felt like we couldn’t do anything from California,” said Yolanda Everett, Amari’s aunt. “We had to be here and talk to people so they see he does have family. There are people that really care about him and want him to come home.”

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