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Greenwood brothers and Sheriff Humpy Parker

Matthew “David” Greenwood was arrested after a body was found in a barrel on the property where he lived.
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Mathew David Greenwood

The name was familiar to me, as someone asked me just the month before if I knew what ever happened to the Greenwood’s. Evidently, back in 1978 they murdered a teen and a woman.

I began doing research and it was a quick find to find the Greenwood name as it was a big story in 1978. The Houston Chronical ran stories on how they admitted to riding around in their car until they found a woman to abduct and later murdering David’s girlfriend, who was only 14-years-old. When I saw that David only served 8 years and his brother, William Thad Greenwood, 15 years for their crime. Go to this link to read full story

William Thad Greenwood received a life sentence in 2018 for the molestation of his granddaughter

I wondered if they were responsible for anything else.

I did some research on the address and found David had lived in Cleveland, Texas for awhile on Denison Ave., in 2000, Sleepy Hollow Dr. in 2002 through approximately 2007, and Charles Barker Ave. in 2004 to around 2018. I know these dates do overlap, but he could have moved and still been using the same old address. Many of you are familiar with Cleveland from the videos and posts I have done on the large number of missing people in that area that I refer to as the Missing Texas Forty. There are many missing that have gone missing from Liberty County and specifically, Cleveland. There are also overlapping dates at different locations, like Smithville in 2005, Highway 90 in Columbus in 2006, Steeple Ln. in Houston in 2008, N. 17th in Junction in 2007, Maler Rd in Sealy in 2007-2010, Kings Canyon Ct. in 2012 as well as a long-term address from 1994 – 2004 off of Post Oak Ln. in Shepherd. William lived in Channelview and David on Main Street in Highlands with another address of Cherry Creek Road in Shepherd during the murders in 1978.

So, my point of checking the address was to see if they were in Liberty or Montgomery County at all. Some of the address show them in Bastrop County, Harris County, San Jacinto County and Liberty County.

From what I have gathered the parents were known in the San Jacinto County area. Social media reports stories state the father shot a neighbors horse and someone who owed David money showed him two skulls buried near a tree.

There are also accounts from newspapers in 1978 where people were quoted as saying that the Greenwood’s had murdered other women, before they were ever caught for the murder of Lucille and Diana, and were known to grab women off the street and even running them down in their car.

If this is true, why was it not investigated? I think I may know the answer. Back in 1978 and for several decades after, there was a sheriff that later became well known for unlawfulness. That was Sheriff James “Humpy” Parker. He had been the Sheriff for San Jacinto County since 1969 and his home base was an old jail in Coldspring. In 1983, he was pleaded guilty to two felony civil rights charges and one extortion charge and he was accused of waterboarding 15 prisoners and illegally arresting motorists on the highway to extort money from them. Several of his deputies were also charged. The Judge would not accept his plea and gave Parker a 10-year sentence, on top of another charge. Parker served five years and returned home with brain cancer.

Sheriff Humpy Parker

It is likely his reign would have gone on for many more years, if it wasn’t for Steve Sellers who met with an informant that gave him the information that led to him writing a book on what was happening called Terror on Highway 59. The book was later made into a movie that was loosely based on the book.

So, what does Humpy have to do with the Greenwood’s? My thought is with Humpy preoccupied from 1969 through 1983 with harassing and torturing innocent motorist, he was not likely interested in following up on any missing people, especially since he was likely responsible for some people going missing in his county. And certainly, many of the residents in the town knew what was going on and were not about to report any of it to a corrupt sheriff’s department. There was a span of time when the Greenwood’s brothers could have got away with a lot of things before they were arrested in 1978. Keep in mind that this is my opinion, supported by many stories that no one wants to go on record with. I can hardly blame them. I decided to do a timeline, to see if there is missing people around the time that the Greenwoods were not in prison, then compare it to the Missing Texas Forty list.

First, here is the timeline for David Greenwood (please note I have put this together by using his prison records, and if anyone would like to verify or fill in for specific information, please contact me:

1978 Nov. 14 Arrested 1983 released from jail, paroled till 88
1986 Humble – 2000
1995 -2004 Post Oak Lane, Shepherd
2000 Oak Lane, Shepherd
2000- 2008 808 Denison Ave, Cleveland
2002 Cleveland, Tx
2002 July 7, arrested in Cleveland – Family violence – Assault bodily injury Domestic Violence Guilty
2002 – Sept. 15 – in Custody in Huntsville – discharged in 2003
2004 Byrd Avene, Shepherd
2004 Jan 6 Arrested by Coldspring – Offense in 2003 interfer w/emergency – released on OR – Misdemeanor
2004 – 2018 Charles Barker Ave., Cleveland
2005 Sept. 27 Arrested in Bastrop Theft of property, Misdeamenor, please No contest
2005 Smithville (PO Box) Smithville is right next to Bastrop
2007 Sleepy Hollow Dr., Cleveland
2007-2008, 17th St., Junction
2008 – Steeple Ln, Houston
2009 – 2010 Maler Rd., Sealy
2012 – Kings Canyon Ct, Houston
2013 – 2019 131 Page Ave. Shepherd
2015 – July 26 Arrested Coldspring Assault Family , felony third degree Held, plead guilty, convicted of lesser charge

William Thad Greenwood . Married Peggy Dubose
Blanche Greenwood Pollard Sister
56 Cherry Creek Dr,
830 Cherry Creek Dr.
44 Cherry Creek Dr.

Just like David I am showing a lot of address for him, as will as PO Boxes.

11546 Brentwood, Channelview, Tx 1978-1988
Living with sister Blanche Pollard – During the early morning hours of June 16, 2005, Pollard called his uncle, who was staying with Pollard’s mother, seeking help . William and David’s sister’s son murdered his wife. (Their nephew).
62 Cherry Creek Drive, Shepherd, Texas – Purchase date 03/31/1995 – 2006 (Source)
1 Cherry Creek Dr., Shepherd, Tx 77371-2095 – June 2011 Nov. 2014

136 County Road 2434, Hull, TX 77564 Nov. 2005 – May 2009
Po Box 68, Hull, TX 77564 
117 County Road 2404, Dayton, TX 77535 June 2019
7154 Fm 834 E, Liberty, TX 77575 Oct 2006, June 2019
Po Box 53, Hardin, TX 77561 
Po Box 68, Hull, TX 77564
7100 Fm E, Liberty, TX
132 County Road 2419, Hull, TX 77564
County Road 2422, Cleveland, TX 77327 
County Road 2420, Cleveland, TX 77327 

We also have sources that put them at the Highlands and hwy 834 hull Texas in 1995

But, my other sources are telling me that Greenwood lived at 62 Cherry Creek, Shepherd since 1995. Some of the above addresses could be from 1991 to 1995, and some of them could also be family associations. We also know that William and his wife, Peggy also purchased a lot of land.

William worked at Insteel Wire in Dayton. Around 1991 through 2017-18. (Source) and David worked as a mechanic (Facebook).

Could Insteel Wire have barrels, like the one that Kirk Buik was found in? I asked and the answer was no.

So, William Greenwood owned small patches of land around Liberty County. One is in Shepherd, one is in Liberty, one is in Dayton, 9 all together. Small batches of land can be bought relatively cheap in Texas. But what would you do with it? It’s too small to hunt on, but it would be the good for putting a mobile home on, but this land has never been developed.

With all that land available, why would David, allegedly bury Buik on the same property where he lived? Why wouldn’t he take it to one of the other properties. Is it possible the police have their eye on that property or has he lost procession of the property when William went back into jail?

We also know that David had possession of several different vehicles.

1990 Chevrolet Lumina
2008 Ford Expedition
2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
2011 Dodge Challenger
1999 Ford Taurus
2009 Dodge Ram
2006 Ford F250
Although not listed, a source told me that the brothers would ride around in a Firebird Trans Am before they were arrested.

So, with the above informaation let’s compare it to the people missing from Liberty County. Out of the many missing from that area there are two cases that stand out that went missing when the Greenwood’s were not incarcerated.

On July 14, 1992, Michael Beaudoin and Darrell Calhoun went missing. They were to meet two men at Salty’s Bar near Conroe to sell them weed. I found a post from a friend of the family that stated that two men in the bar, that were later called brothers, stopped playing pool and went outside and jumped into their Firebird to follow Michael’s car to go meet Darrell at another location. Two days later, their gray 1979 Chevrolet Suburban with 2 black doors and pulling a small trailer was found cut into pieces along FM1725 and Dabney Bottom Road in San Jacinto County.

So, who were the two brothers? Could it have been the Greenwood’s? There are a lot of brothers that hang around together but I wonder how many there are that ride around in a red Firebird Trans Am, which the Greenwood brothers had in 1977 before they were arrested? Could it be the same red Firebird Trans Am that was seen at the Salty Dog?

Another case is missing Patricia Marie Small, 18, who went missing in the 2400 block of Beaumont Avenue in Liberty, Texas on May 11, 2002. If you go up to the list, David was living in Cleveland at the time, and William was living in Hull. It takes about 40 minutes to go from Cleveland to Liberty via TX-321 S and 20 minutes to go from Hull to Liberty. If you take the 321 from Cleveland to Hull, you go right through Liberty on the way. The only info that is not widely know, mostly because it can’t be confirmed is that Patricia may have gotten into a 2 door white truck.  I do not show that David owned a truck during that time.

For the time being, this is all the information that I have gathered and if you have anymore that you would like to share, just send me a email at

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