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Woman tells story on Tik Tok about being kidnapped as a baby

A woman stated under her TikTok acount, thebeardedmom that she realized she was a victim of kidnapping as a baby.

She said in her TikTok video entitled  “How I learned I had been kidnapped”, that she was a missing person and had been missing since 1980. “There was a police investigation I could not access because the records had been archived, but I had been kidnapped,” she said.

Thebeardemom, 42, said that she asked for information on her biological mother after she found out that her mom was not her bio mom. She said the sheriff took her information and then told her that they had no information on her bio mom but she was a missing person and she had been kidnapped.

In her follow-up TikTok videos, thebeardedmom said that when her grandmother found out about it is when her bio mom reported her kidnapped even though she was the one that sold her to a man who raised her, referring to the incident as a “kidnapping”.

She said no one looked for her and at the age of 14 she was put into the state care and given another social security number. She said authorities, including the DA, and the FBI, did not want to investigate the case.

She said while growing up that the family was abusive to her. She said at the age of 10, Angie and Steve told her that they were getting a divorce. Angie, who she calls her “female capture” told her that she was not her bio mom and that she now would be living with Steve. Shortly after thebeardedmom said she stayed with friends any opportunity she got because of the continued abuse from Steve, and left the home at age 18 (KSL article).

Thebeardedmom a private investigator helped her tracked down her mom in 2006, even though her mom had been married 13 times, making it difficult to do.

KSL did a story on this reunion in 2006 and in that story we find out that thebeardedmom is Shawnette Davis. KSL also found out that Davis had her birth certificate that showed her mom and dad’s name. KSL was able to track down her mom, Julie Bray, for an interview. Bray told KSL that her boyfriend at the time took the baby against her will and she went to the police but after over a year the police told her to stop filing reports and forget the baby existed.

But, thebeardedmom/Davis has stated she doesn’t believe that is true, and even though she tried to establish a relationship with her mom and half-siblings after the KSL interview. She finally ended the relationship after 10 years.

And, her bio dad? Thebeardedmom/Davis said, they connected after he was tracked down by a TikTok user. “My dad knew about me, but put it in the back of his mind, because he felt bad, and I have always been a secret and nobody knows about me,” she said in her TikTok video.

Thebeardedmom/Davis thanked everyone for watching her TikTok videos a few days ago and if you would like to watch them you can go to TIkTok and find thebeardedmom at this link – go here.

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