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Police reopening missing Susan Jacobson case

On May 1, 2013, Susan Jacobson, 59, went missing from the Raley’s Supermarket near Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard and Pleasant Grove Boulevard in Roseville, California.

Roseville is within the Sacramento metropolitan area

She left home at 7 a.m., which was around an hour after her husband went to the gym. Her husband, Chris Jacobson told investigators that she had gone to Raley’s (a like in Raid) but she never returned home. The store was less than a mile from their home.

Susan’s car, a blue Honda Civic was found unlocked in a parking space far from the Raley’s front entrance with her purse inside and her keys missing. Her wallet was turned in by a good samaritan who took it to the Starbucks. The woman who was jogging that day told the police she found it on the sidewalk on the part of the lot closest to Mathany Park, and there was no cash nor cards in it.

“I just saw business cards and stuff all over the sidewalk, and then I realized there was a purple wallet there with it, so I bent down and first thing I saw was her driver’s license,” the woman who wished to remain unnamed told CBS Sacramento.

Authorities stated the good samaritan found the wallet about two hours after Susan left her house.

“I’ve read and the stuff they told me and everything—the husband is 90 percent of the time the party they look at, and so I know they’re gonna look real hard at that, and I believe they’ve looked very hard at that but there’s nothing there,” Chris Jacobson said. Jacobson also stated that he did not take a lie detector test under the advise of his attorney.

The authorities searched the Jacobson home and noted that Chris was cooperative during the investigation. Authorities had no luck with finding any surveillance video with Susan at Raley’s as she parked so far away from the store.

Cal Advocates for the Missing theorized that James Joseph DeAngelo aka as the aka East Area Rapist and the Golden State Killer and the Original Night Stalker may have abducted Susan. DeAngelo happened to live on Teak Avenue and work at Savemart Distribution Center 30 miles away from his home, and Raley’s was on the way to his job, according to Cal Advocates for the Missing. On April 24, 2018, Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies arrested DeAngelo A list of his crimes can be found here. The only issue with that theory is DeAngelo’s last known crime was in 1986, and he would have been 67 years old in 2013.

The Roseville Police Department hopes they will get a new lead and solve the case.

If you were at the Raley’s or any of the other fifteen businesses in the Woodcreek Oaks-Pleasant Grove business park on May 1, around 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and remember seeing something, please call the Roseville Police Dept.

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