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11-year-old boy missing from Nebraska

UPDATE 6/30/21 – The La Vista Police Dept. state that an umbrella that was found belonged to Ryan. Ryan’s DNA was found on the umbrella that was found at the apartment complex area of the Southfield Apartments.

“We know that Ryan didn’t have a key to his apartment so there’s really no way for him to get in, so it’s [the umbrella] something that puts him back to ground zero, and it gives us another starting and reference point to continue on,” La Vista Police Chief Bob Lausten told the media.

Also, the video from the La Vista Ken still could not be confirmed it was Larsen.

“We sent the original video from La Vista Keno to get enhanced to Quantico and they weren’t able to do anything enhancement wise, so we can’t officially confirm that the figure we see on the keno video is actually Ryan,” told media. “We think it is, but we can’t confirm that, so , again, we’re at a loss right there for that.”

Original Story: Ryan Larsen, a missing 11-year-old with autism is missing from La Vista, Nebraska since May 17, 2021. He was last at La West Elementary and seen leaving school around noon.

A neighbor at the apartment complex where his family lives saw Ryan. Authorities do have video that shows him in the area of Southfield Apartments around 1:30 p.m. They are looking at the video and have called in specialists to  analyze the surveillance video and enhancing it.

“These are not available for public release, and we are not providing additional comment on the nature of those videos; these are part of our investigation,” the release states..

“We ask all to continue to respect the privacy of Ryan’s family and loved ones. We are updating them frequently on our search for Ryan, and they are understandably fearful and concerned. Please be understanding of their decision regarding public comments or lack thereof,” the release states.

He is described as white, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, with brown hair and hazel eyes. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, an Old Navy shirt, and was carrying a polka-dot umbrella.

If you see Ryan, authorities say not to call his name; instead, keep your distance and call 911. Anyone with information about his location should call Sarpy County Crimestoppers at 402-592-STOP (7867); or call 911.

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