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5-year-old Summer Wells missing from Tennessee

UPDATE 6-20-21 – Last night there was a lot of activity with a helo circling overhead. A group also formed a line and began to search a field late unto the night, apparently from a tip they received. This morning, I have not heard that it resulting in finding anything.

UPDATE 6/18/21 – Donald Wells has come forward to talk to the media. We now know that Donnie was not there when summer went missing. WCYB reported he stated that “Summer and her grandmother and mother were outside planting flowers Tuesday evening. He said that she came back inside the house and went downstairs to play in the basement with her toys. Just a short time later, Summer’s mother came in the house and asked where Summer was. They called for her and didn’t get an answer and then went downstairs ant noticed Summer was gone.”

“She was planting flowers iwth her mother and her grandmother and she wanted to go into the house, so my wife watched her go into the door and she went into the house. And the boys were on the internet of course, and she wanted to go downstairs and play with her toys. So when her mother in and she says ‘Summer’ and she went down into the basement and she didn’t answer. So she went down there adn she was gone. So she went out the basement door, which was unlocked, and we haven’t seen her since.”

Original Story:

Summer Moon-Utah Wells, 5, is missing from Rogersville, Tennessee. Summer left her residence on 110 Ben Hill Road off of Beech Creek Road on Tuesday June 14, 2021. Her three brothers last saw her around 6 p.m. She was reported missing at 6:30 p.m. per the Sheriff. The media has stated she was seen outside her home. I am hearing many different stories from social media.

You might like to watch this video that shows the location.

On Wednesday, an Amber Alert was sent out.

Summer’s hair was buzzed cut during the time she went missing

Candus and Donald (Donnie) Wells, 56, are the parents of Summer. There are three other children living in the household.

Summer and Candus

Sadly, Candy’s sister, Rose Marie Bly went missing in 2009 from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin on August 22 when she was 21. Her car was found abandoned. She has not been found as of this writing. Click here to read that story.

The authorities are searching in the upper part of Beech Creek Community in Hawkins County and are asking that the public to avoid the area.

I watched the presser on Wednesday and noticed some double talk. The one thing that seems to be unclear is the reason for the Amber Alert. Amber Alerts have a specific criteria and it appeared as though this case was missing a few but was sent out anyway. The Sheriff stated he wanted to make sure that everyone knew she was missing so they can get tips, but most of the search is still concentrated in the woods near her home. The PIO responded to a news reporter that it met the criteria, but the police are not 100 percent sure an abductor has been seen and no one has said they saw a car in the neighborhood, both which are an either or criteria in an Amber Alert. In the past there have been many family’s that have asked for Amber Alerts but did not get them because the criteria was not met. So, this is why I am bringing it up. TBI is involved and the FBI, which the Sheriff states is procedure but I can only remember it being a procedure when foul play is involved. I believe that the authorities know much more about this case than they are sharing. At one point the sheriff asked that people not be afraid to come forward. I wonder if this was not a plea from him to someone in the family to speak up.

Also, social media has been talking about this case extensively. There are comments about Donnie’s previous arrests for domestic abuse. In one article I saw that he admitted to police during one of his arrests that he was a felon from Utah.

Interestingly, when the reporter asked the sheriff if the fathers criminal record was irrevelant in this investigation the sheriff said, no.

People that know the family are saying that the house is unkept. One stated they saw the kids being smacked around and she called DCS. But, I have also seen comments saying Candus is a good mom.

The police are searching with everything they got, dogs, flirr cameras, helicopters and manpower, and the public is waiting by the sidelines to jump in a help when they hear the word. I wonder if that will happen because I am thinking the sheriff believes there is a crime scene and they don’t want it trampled.

The PIO said they had received 50 leads but they have “not panned out.”

Summer is 4 feet tall, 40 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes and was wearing a pink shirt and gray shorts.

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has issued an endangered child alert. If you have any information about her whereabouts, please call 911 or the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office at 423-272-7121 .

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