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Summer Wells still missing

This is my third write up on missing Summer Wells, including her Aunt’s missing story.

UPDATE 6/23/21: The man that was with Candus at the house when Don found them together is Jose Ramon, according to the police report.

UPDATE: So, I have received information about the name of the person that was in the house with Candus when Don found them together (see story below). I am waiting to get confirmation on the name, but I can tell you that it is not Marcos.

UPDATE 6/22/21 – Donnie keeps stating that Summer was abducted. How can he be so sure? Is it possible there is something else he knows. I keep going back to Donnie’s arrest when he stated he was upset because he caught Candus with a “boyfriend”. Is it possible that he thinks that the boyfriend was there that day and that’s why he thinks Summer was abducted?

“Wells came home drunk and saw someone else in the house and believed Bly was cheating on him.  Allegedly, Wells argued with the person in the house and began a struggle with Bly. Documents say Bly was pushed down, causing an injury to her left knee. She and other witnesses said Wells began punching himself in the face before leaving.”

Original Story:

One of the things I like to do is Google Earth the location of a missing person. Sometimes something sticks out, like it did in the case of a missing Alzheimers man in Adyllwild, which led to finding him.

I took the time today to look at an aerial view of Summer Wells house on Ben Hill Dr. The house is surrounded by tree tops but you can see a structure and little trailer on the side of the property and a dirt road that circles around.

What struck me is I had heard that Summer may or may not have her shoes on. She seemed to me to be a little girl that was used to not wearing her shoes during the summer. Feet can get tough when you go barefoot, but not tough enough to be able to tolerate sticks, rocks and burrs on a pathway for too long. I remember as a kid running barefoot a lot, but when I hit the canyons, I went to the trouble to get my shoes on before I went. Because of this, I feel that Summer did not plan on wandering into the woods, and I am thinking she may still be near her house. I’ll explain as you read on.

Summers father, Donnie Wells, I’m sure would disagree with me as he feels that Summer was abducted. I am not sure about that, because if you look at Google Earth (pic above) you can see where she would have had to walk a ways to get to a road where someone would see her. Then add in the factor that a predator would have to be driving by at that exact time to pick her up.

Now, before we eliminate that, there was a case just last Thursday of a Kingsport man who attempted to abduct a 12-year-old boy mowing his yard. Kingsport is 25 miles from Rogersville. But, we don’t know the whole story on this one yet, nor have I heard authorities are questioning him about Summer’s case.

Right now we know that Summer’s grandmother and mother were in the garden with Summer and dad was not there, and her brother’s were in the house on the internet. We known that Summer walked back into the house, went down into the basement and out the basement door, per the siblings, grandmother and mother’s story. I think that’s too many people collaborating on a story for it to not to be true. That is a lot of people to try to cover up a crime. Regardless, there is a lot of people on social media that think the mother or the father are responsible for her disappearance. I thought that maybe Summer disppeared the day before, and they waited to call the police till they got their story straight, but once again you have to have not only the parents on the same page, but the grandmother and the other three children.

So, if we take that story as the absolute truth, then did Summer go down to the baserment for a toy, didn’t find it there and went out the basement door to the familiy’s car or trunk? Did she go to a shed or trailer to find this toy? The police stated they have searched the house and grounds, but are we sure they checked the family’s cars and all the other buildings on the property?


And what about that river? (Later it was found that the river was too far away for her to consider going to it). I am not sure where it is from the house, but we see her in a river on the TikTok video. The date on the Tik Tok video shows she was there the day before she went missing. Did she leave something behind and decided to go and get it? If it is nearby, she might of chanced it without her shoes, or if it was farther away, she may have stuck on a pair of shoes and thought she could get there and back before her Mom knew she was missing. Maybe even take a quick swim.

Or, does she play with neighborhood kids? Did she leave her toy with them and decided to go get that? All theories with no way to eliminate them as no more information is coming out from the police.


What we do know is the police believe that she is somewhere in those woods, as they have not stopped looking there since she went missing, and they have even called in Texas Equusearch to start looking. There must be a reason for that.

I think it’s time for the search to go back to the house and start again. Maybe one of the newer SAR teams coming in will do that.

I also read that when Donnie was arrested it was because Candus had a boyfriend at the house. Is it possible that Candus had a boyfriend at the house when Summer went missing?

Or maybe there was someone at the grandmother’s house. Candus stated her mother lived on the property.

Just last night I stayed up late listening to the scanner as they were searching late in the night with a helicopter near the house. Rumors were they were acting on a tip. This morning I woke up, with the scanner still going to find that even with that extra effort, Summer is still missing.

So, what are you thoughts on this case. Do you think Summer wandered off or foul play?

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