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Day 8 and 9 Missing Summer Wells

Day 9: Today, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says there is no evidence linking Summer’s aunt, Rose Marie Bly’s disappearance with that of Summer’s. I also have more updates about Bly and you can go to this link to read them all.

The sheriff’s dept had a presser this afternoon. It was stated they are interviewing everyone but are still checking if there is anyone they missed. Sheriff Ronnie Lawson asked neighbors to keep checking their properties for a small child and their surveillance cameras. He also said if you can’t search your property he would send an officer to do it for you.

Two things really stood out for me during this presser. One was the answer from the sheriff regarding the warrants being issued.

I don’t believe I have heard of a case where a warrant is not issued, in a case like this but the family had already let the police in to search, so I’m sure if they asked again to come in a look, they would likely be allowed, so why get a warrant to search. So far, whatever question they have or cooperation they need from the Wells, they are complying, so no warrant would be needed.

The other was when the reporter asked about the polygraph tests.

They are absolutely not going to let the public know what the outcome was and will only know if someone leaks the information. Because of that we don’t know if Don or Candus actually passed the test. All we have at this point is Don’s statement.

Lastly, I’ve received some information that shines a different light on this case that has to do with Summer planting flowers and the basement. I am putting everything together and will put up a video tomorrow about it.

Day 8: Yesterday we were talking about who the man was that was at the house when Don Wells was arrested for domestic disturbance in October 2020, when he thought his wife was cheating on him. The man’s name was Jose Ramon.

UPDATE: Co-Workers verified that Markos was at work in Wisconsin on the day Summer went missing. Markos lives in Wisconsin. Original post begins: If you remember in yesterday’s video I talked about Christopher Markos. He has been brought to everyone’s attention by YouTuber A Balance who stated he researched and is finding information that points to Markos being at the home of Summer.

When you do a search for residents of 110 Ben Hill Rd., Markos’ name comes up (Below). A B told me that he was still working on where Markos was living, but he does know he was in Grantsburg in 2009 and lived near where Rose Marie Bly’s car was found after she went missing in 2009. Rose Marie Bly is Summer’s aunt. A B will be doing another Live Show today. So you can pop over there to read the latest of what he has to say.

I found that Christopher was living in Baldwin in 2014. Linkin also shows he worked for County Cruisers but I am not sure of the dates and this needs more confirmation.

So, I am bringing this up as many people are talking about it, and I thought you would like some clarification. But, do know that A B has informed the police of the above and I am sure they are checking on it. Just because the report above shows his name at the house, this may or may not be true and is circumstantial at its best. Also, some are mixing up Rose Marie Bly’s husband, Christopher Larson with Christopher Markos. They are not the same person.

Today Don came forward and stated that his wife, Candus passed the polygraph test. Now, for many of you this won’t change your mind about Candus being responsible for Summer’s disappearance. A while back I did research on polygraph tests and wrote a post about it you might find interesting. It goes over what inconclusive means and how someone could pass a test even though they are guilty. You can read it here.

I an hearing many stories of what Candus was doing before Summer went missing. I am going by what Don has been stating, which is Summer was planting flowers with her mother and her grandmother and wanted to go into the house. Here is a quote of what he said.

We know that Summer Well’s grandmother lives in a trailer on the property when Candus filled out a police report.

Also, Don was asked about his criminal past and he stated he didn’t want to talk about “all that stuff.” He did say, “I’ve had several charges over the years.” He began to say more, but stopped himsef and said he didn’t want to elaborate. He says he found God in prison and started studying the Bible.

Yesterday, I talked about the searchers going back to the house and starting all over again. The searchers have covered 4.6 square miles so far. I read a media report that they are planning on bringing in a fresh crew and going over specific areas.

Just before I did this video I heard that there were authorities at Rock Springs Road. Warriors Path Park is where Summer had gone swimming. This may have to do with the specialized team that I mentioned earlier.

There is a $25,000 reward for Summer and I noted that it has been increased to $50,000

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