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Jenna Verhille missing from Michigan since 2017

Jenna Verhille has been missing from South Rockwood, Michigan since August 17, 2017. Her dad said he heard Jenna give directions to their home on the 300 block of Riverview Avenue. Afterwards, he saw her “cross the yard and enter a tan, mid-sized Ford vehicle that appeared to have an Ohio license plate in the front. A neighbor reported spotting a man behind the wheel,” reported the Detroit News.

When she didn’t return, her dad texted her and she responded she wouldn’t be back that night. When she didn’t return the next day, he tried texting and calling her but she never responded. Jenna took no personal belongings with her when she left.

The South Rockwood Police Department stated she may have last been seen in Monroe.

Jenna’s mother told Detroit News, she worries that her daughter is being held captive and forced into human trafficking or worse.

“She could have walked right into a huge problem and now she can’t get out,” she said. “She’s such a vital part of this family and we just want her back.”

Jenna Lynn Verhille is 5-foot-6, 125 pounds, an upper arm tattoo reading “Life won’t wait for you,” and another on her left shin reading “Just Dance.”



Anyone with information on her disappearance, or who may have seen her at that home, is asked to contact Detective Aaron Oetjens at 734-243-7510.

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