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Day 10 Summer Wells

I have been receiving lots of info over the last few days. Much of it is info about the family and most of it is hearsay, but there is one bit of information that seems to tie into the basement story.

I wanted to go over this information in a minute but first about the presser yesterday.

I also wanted to address the polygraph test. The Sheriff’s department had a presser yesterday and one of the reporters brought up the polygraph. I let you hear that right now:

What that says to me is the sheriff is not going to state the outcome of the polygraph to the public and I personally think they are not going to tell the outcome to the person taking it either.

I believe that Don and Candus are assuming they passed because they were not told whether they failed or passed. I believe they assumed that meant they passed. Subsequently, Don tells the public they passed.

Also, many of you have heard of the teen boy who went swimming with Candus and Summer that day. His father lthat ives in New York and shares legal custody emergency physical custody and he has been transporting to New York. There is some talk that Candus game the boy alcohol tht day and if so it may come out once he is with his father. If it turns out to be true I am sure we will see an arrest. If none comes to pass it could be it never happened. There is speculation that Summer was a victim of dry drowning, where a child drowns, recovers and then dies hours later.

I also looked at photos of the house and looked for the basement door and it appears it is in the back of the house. So, if the mother and grandmother were by the trailer with the plants, how come they did not see Summer go out the basement door. Looking at this angle below, you can see where she could have walked out and no one saw her.

Basement door and grandma’s trailer on the right. Scent dogs followed Summer’s scent down the driveway and then stopped. This could mean someone picked her up or she got in a car OR she turned around and went back towards the house.

Also, when Don said the door was unlocked, are we to assume it was always locked? Maybe it being unlocked was the norm but he felt it was an important detail that needed to be said. Why? A child that age can unlock a locked door, so why mention it was locked? In just a second you’ll see why this is important.

Okay so the new info I received. I realize that we are going by what one person said, like many of the other social media information that is out there, so make your own decision if you want to disregard it or keep it.

It seems that this information is confirming the basement story but adds more to it that I never considered and this is why I decided to share it. This happened sometime before the day she went missing. An individual witnessed Summer being sent to the basement as punishment after she pulled plants that had just been planted. It was also stated that there was a lock on both sides of the door. Meaning that if Summer was in the basement even if she unlocked the door from the inside, the lock would stop her. I believe the only type of lock tht does that is a double cylinder lock that requires a key. I think this is why Don was bringing up the door being unlocked. He was referring to the second lock.

So, if Candus sent Summer to the basement as punishment, this is contradictory to what Don said that Candus told him that Summer asked to go to the basement to get a toy. You have to consider why would the basement be unlocked if it was meant to be used for punishment.

In regard to the flower garden, I did see a post from grandma when she was in Wisconsin where she said she had a flower garden for her missing daughter Rose that she was keeping each year. If she continued the tradition when she moved to Tennessee, then she might have started a flower garden at the Tennessee home. It appears so as the garden seems to be near the trailer.

I thought as well as many others, that there something missing and maybe this is it. Now we hear it may have been punishment, and it actually seems to make sense. Maybe Summer, once again pulled the plants out of the garden and she was sent to the basement as punishment, and she never asked to go to the basement. If the basement was used as punishment, it doesn’t seem likely she would ask to go there, even for a toy. And if it was used as punishment, I doubt there would be toys there.

Have the police looked in the basement to see if there were toys there?

If this information is factual, I can see why the family would leave that part out, because sending a small child to a dark basement for punishment seems extreme and would call to question their parenting skills.

The person is also stating that there were many beer cans around the property, and they were cleaned up before the police arrived. This is evidence again of the family covering up anything that would make them appear less than good parents.

And to add to that is Don’s BAC personna. Is it truly him? Is he really faith based? What has not been said is that the family was leaning on the church for support last year and attended weekly and accepted many donations. The donations stopped and coincidentally they stopped going to that church, but began going to another one in the area, which they now attend about once a month.

So, even though this new information seems to add an answer to why the story the parents told seems incomplete, it does not explain why she is missing other than she was afraid of the basement and afraid of being punished further and decided to take off. But, with her dad stating he told her there was bears and animals in the woods to scare her away from going there, then why would she choose the woods over the basement?

Lastly, no plea has come from Grandma.

I think there is still information missing from their story. And if we keep digging it will be found.

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