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Michael Dunahee missing since 1991

This case is from Canada but there is a liklihood that Michael may have been brought to the United States.

Michael Wayne Dunahee was 4-years-old when he went missing from a playground at Blanshard Park Elementary School in Victoria British Columbia on March 24, 1991, and this is his story.

It was a Sunday when Michael’s mother, Crystal Dunahee and his dad, Bruce loaded him up and his six-month-old sister Caitlin into the car and headed to a flag football game where Crystal was a team member. Michael wanted to play on the playground equipment and Crystal noted there were other families with children at the playground, and Bruce would be heading that way, so she told him it was okay, with a warning, “don’t leave with anybody, just wait there and daddy will come and get you.” 

A reporter explains where Bruce was and where the playground was located.

Volunteers and police combed the area, and even closed the ferries leaving the island. It became one of the larget missing child investigations in Canada. The families at the playground stated they never saw Michael there. So, between leaving his mother and walking towards the playgorund he went missing.

Witnesses reported that there was “a man in his late 40s or early 50s who had been near the playground, and that a brown van had also been spotted nearby.” But, it never lead to anything.

At the time of his disappearance, Michael was wearing a blue hooded jacket with red lining and red cuffs, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt, multi-coloured rugby pants, and blue sneakers. Michael has blond hair and blue eyes.

Over the years, there were several people that resembled Michael. In 2006, one man was given a DNA test and was ruled out. In 2011, another man was given a DNA test and he was ruled out. In 2013, another man, but he, too, was ruled out by DNA testing.


A significant lead was the report of a boy matching Michael in New Jersey. There was an attempted abduction of a 7-year-old girl and a boy was seen in the back of the car that looked like Michael. The alleged kidnapper was described as black, 5’10’ tall, 170 pounds with a pocked-marked face. No vehicle description was reported.

In 2009 the Milwaukee police found a MP poster of Michael in the home of Vernon Seitz, a barber, who had died of natural cases at his home. With the poster was a map of Millstream Park in Milwaukee. Police also found a laminated poster of missing Minnesota Child Jacob Wetterling, and 500 pieces of evidence, that you can read about by going here. Jacob’s mom told police that Vernon had shown up at their house several times. Crystal does not remember if Vernon contact her but did say his name sounded familiar. Seitz had confessed to his psychiatrist he had murdered a teen in 1950 when he was 12 and knew of another child killing. Nothing was found at Millstream Park and authorities stated that they “have exhausted all possible angles in the case.”

Link to description of evidence

Possible Evidence:

In 2020, a shirt with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it was found underwater and posted on TikTok. the family was able to look at the shirt and verify it was not Michael’s shirt.

Since 2009, there has not been any new leads on this case.

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