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Steven Koecher vanishes, video shows him in a Nevada neighborhood

Steven Koecher, 39, is a native Texan and he moved to St. George in April 2009 and lived in St. George, Utah.  

When Koecher moved to St. George the recession was going on and he was having trouble finding work, but did find a job handing out flyers for a window washing company. But, it was not enough to cover his bills and by November 2009, he was several months on his rent. 

On Dec. 9 he seemingly went on a road trip. He visited friends in Ruby Valley, Nevada, he made a withdrawal from an ATM in Wendover, Nevada.  On December 10, he bought $32.88 worth of gasoline in Springville, Utah.  He purchased lunch in Nephi, Utah. 

On December 12 he bought gasoline in Mesquite, Nevada.  He also bought Christmas presents for his brother and family on that day.  He was in touch with his family, and told them he planned to come home for Christmas, but never mentioned to them he was driving around. He ended up in Overton, Nevada, before he turned around and went back the way he came. A neighbor saw Koecher come home to his St. George apartment around 10:00 p.m. but he left again a half hour later.

On December 13, he talks to people on the phone and said he was in Las Vegas. 

On December 13, 2009, he stopped in Henderson, Nevada. According to, he “parked his car on a residential street, got out, and was recorded on a home security camera in Sun City Anthem, walking with a folder in his hand. Moments later, another camera nearby Evening Lights Street captured Koecher’s reflection in a car window. He had covered over 1,200 miles in three days.

According to Wikipedia, “Around 5 p.m. that day it pinged a tower at the intersection of Arroyo Grande Boulevard and American Pacific Drive, more than 10 miles (16 km) northeast of where he had parked. Two hours after that, it pinged another tower near Henderson’s Whitney Ranch subdivision, two miles (3.2 km) north of the previous ping. Early the next morning, the phone pinged a tower at the interchange between Interstate 515/U.S. Route 93 and Russell Road, two more miles to the north.”

Koecher’s landlord sent a text, and then an hour later it was used to check Koecher’s voicemail. The phone remained in that tower’s vicinity for the next two days, suggesting that its battery died. There has been no activity since. On December 14, he used his phone to check his voice mail.  That was the last time the phone was used and his bank account has not been accessed since that day either.  Koecher’s car was found at the end of the culdesac on Savannah Springs Avenue. Koecher was reported missing on December 17.

During all of this, there is no one that said they saw him with another person. Even the surveillance video shows him alone.

Steven Koecher

Steven Powell and Josh Powell (both that are now deceased) claimed that Steven Koecher and Susan Cox Powell ran away together. Koecher had gone missing a week after Susan Powell went missing. The police have gone over his cell records and nothing shows him calling Susan Powell. 

Steven’s passport was found, along with his cell phone charger, laptop and many other items he would have likely taken with him if he was traveling or run away to Brazil, as Steve Powell has theorized.  Steven bought Christmas present for his brother and family, something you wouldn’t likely do if you were planning on being gone during Christmas. 

Aiuthorities checked every lead, Koecher’s phones, and messages, talked with past employers and friends and thoroughly searched the area where Koecher’s car was located and nothing unusual was found. Also, nothing led to answering the question of why Koecher was traveling just before he went missing. Koecher’s mother thought that he may have been doing family ancestory searching.

If you have any information about his whereaboutsk please call the St. George Police Dept. at 702-229-2907.

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