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Dad of Summer Wells speaks to reporter

Don Wells, the fathers of Summer Wells, the 5-year-old that has been missing from Tennessee since June 15, 2021, spoke to a reporter for Kinksport Times News again on July 12 and revealed some new information along with her personal feelings about the case.

One, that sticks out the most is he states that Summer’s scent did not go to the end of the driveway, but was found in the woods near the house, on a “dog trail” that lead to the main street. Then the scent ends on Ben Hill Road.

“I already knew all that, but that just confirmed it for me.”

Don said his wife, Candus was not doing to good, and she was pretty upset. He added that she was having “anger issues.”

Don said he is upset and he made up his mind not to let Satan in. He said he could not go to work and let it affect him, but he was not going to do that. He said he had to move forward, go to work and he was still going to try, even though he missed her.

The most heart-breaking statement was when he talked about his love for Summer and her love for him, “I’ve never had somebody love me that much in my life,” said Don.

Don has stated from the beginning he thought Summer had been abducted.

“It has killed me since she’s been gone, you know, at first, it was so horrific, knowing that someone had abducted her and the cops are looking around the house and knowning she’s not there, and it’s like talking to yourself, and doing no good. I wish the police had blocked off both ends of Beech Creek.”

“If nothing else, I’ll see her in the resurrection.”

He said they used to send the kids to the road by themselves to catch the school bus, but that won’t do that anymore.

The polygraph tests were brought up and Don, said he” doesn’t know if they were completely cleared, because it was not admissible in court.” He said he couldn’t take the test right away because he had not slept in two days, so they made him wait, but when he did he passed. He said Candus wasn’t able to take it for 5 days, and she tried, but she was not able to, but when she did she passed.

He also stated that the children were questioned by specialists and that his mother-in-law took a lie detector test and passed.

Don also talked about someone made a fake account with his name and that he said he had buried a women’s body at the lake and the TBI was there searching for that body.

The search for the red truck is still ongoing. “We’ve looked up several vehicles recorded on people’s home surveillance cameras and trail cams and talked to all of them,” Sheriff Lawson said. “This is just one we can’t find to see if they saw something. Something they saw that didn’t mean anything to them may mean everything to us.”

Tips have grown to 750 and reward funds to $37,350.

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