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FOUND Casey Johnston missing from Philadelphia

UPDATE 8o/2/21 : Police have announced they have found a body about half a mile from where the car of missing Casey Johnston.

“During the search this afternoon, members of the Philadelphia Police Marine Unit located the body on the 1200 block of Townsend Road in Philadelphia,” Police Chief Krimmel said.

A preliminary investigation shows Johnston, while driving on Woodhaven Road, crashed the car.

“It appears she didn’t negotiate the curve properly,” Chief Krimmel says, adding, “She went down to the culvert went airborne up and over the guardrail and she crashed into a tree about 30 feet into the air.” She was ejected through the sunroof.

UPDATE: Police released surveillance images of Casey’s car in Philadelphia as it approached I-95 from Vine and Franklin Streets. The car was seen on July 10 around 6 a.m.

Cassandra “Casey” Johnston, 26, from Bucks County, PA, went missing in Chinatown, Philadelphia on Saturday July 10, 2021 at 5:51 a.m.

She was seen getting into her car, a silver Ford Focus hatchback, and leaving her friends apartment on 12th and Vine Street to go home in Feasterville, PA. She is on camera driving off in her car alone. She is also seen on 10th in Chinatown. Casey had lost her phone earlier in the night. Her mother talked to her the Thursday before and everything seemed normal.

Looking at the photos above you can see where Casey was and in order to get home she may have taken the route to Feastervill which is shown in the Google map. If so, she would be traveling near the Delaware River. Since there is no sign of her car, I believe that a search party should be walking along the river to see if there is a possibility a car could have entered somewhere along that route.

Casey is a counselor and aide at the child care programs in the Neshaminy School District. She is 5-foot-3 with reddish-brown hair and tattoos. She was wearing a leopard print skirt. She drives a 2016 silver Ford Focus with a Temple sticker on the back. Cassandra has a bipolar disorder per mom and she did not take her medication with her.

Anyone with information should call Lower Southampton Police.

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