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Missing Persons Update

September 4, 2021: Hi, my name is Mark and I am married to Jerrie Dean the founder of Missing Persons of America.

In the month of August, Jerrie became very ill. It was at the emergency room we were told she had blockage caused by liver cancer.

Just weeks before my wife was doing as she always has done for the last 10 years, helping the family’s of the missing,doing research and creating stories to spread far and wide so that no one forgot someone was still missing. All of the sudden this stopped because of her illness and my wife being a private person about her own strifes wanted to keep it quiet.

I took some talking on my part to covince her that not only would her followers want to know, they would want to send her positive energy and prayers.

We also have the issue of hospital deductibles, home health care (I am still working) the costs are adding up rapidly. And this is just the beginning as we are looking at months of chemotherapy once, the blockage has been addressed. 
Any financial assistance that you can give, no matter how small the amount, will be welcomed with deepest gratitude and appreciation. You can donate by clicking on GoFundMe link above that will go directly to medical costs.

Jerrie can receive messages and you can also send them through the GoFundMe account, but please know some days she may not be able to respond, and there may be a few days delay.
Please share this link to your Facebook timeline or other missing person commumity’s to help spread the word. Thank You!

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