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Krista Dorsey found dead in Missing Texas Forty area in 2005

A reader brought this story to my attention. For accountability reasons I keep a list of FOUND and Jane and John Doe Missing, and wanted to add this case, too. Missing Texas Forty List

Krista Leigh Dorsey 14, of Cleveland, Texas was last heard from in July 2, 2003 by phone. She was found  September 9, 2005, discovered in the woods off Pin Oak Road in Cleveland and near a property reportedly well-known to authorities as a site of frequent calls related to drugs and violence. She would have been 15-years-old.

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She was with 27-year old Alfredo Navarro “Freddie” Tristan, a relative. They were driving a white Ford F250 four door truck. Their whereabouts were unknown. Krista was last seen wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and white and black flip flops.

Before she was found deceased Tristan believed to be headed back to Houston with Krista, who was considered a runaway at the time.

The teen’s father, Billy Dorsey, 35, put up fliers Friday and could not hold back the tears when he talked about his daughter.

Dorsey moved with his daughter from Houston to Cleveland a year ago because he did not like the way Tristan acted around his then-13-year-old.

“The rumor around the neighborhood is that that’s her boyfriend,” Dorsey said.

“How does that make you feel? He’s 27, married to your cousin?” Local 2’s Cynthia Hunt asked.

“It’s terrible. It’s terrible,” Dorsey said.

Also, in another follow up by Chron, according to family members, the law enforcement allegedly concluded that the death was caused by a drug overdose (though reportedly, the tests were inconclusive). 

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In 2007, there was a $10,000 reward on the case for information. If you have any tips you would like to pass anonymously, pease contact me here and I’ll make sure it get passed to the family and police.

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